Marvel’s Avengers Confirms Spider-Man DLC Will Have Story and Cutscenes

Marvel's Avengers Confirms Spider-Man DLC Will Have Story and Cutscenes

Marvel’s Avengers Confirms Spider-Man DLC Will Have Story and Cutscenes

Fans are eagerly awaiting any information about the new Spider-Man content in Marvel’s Avengers. Square Enix has confirmed that the webhead will be added to the comic. This is after Square Enix had been quiet for some time.
Crystal Dynamics Senior Producer Dan Matlack stated that the Spider-Man content has been classified by the company “event”. This means that it will have its own cutscenes as well as story content. Fans will be relieved to hear this as it is a relief as they were worried that Spider-Man, being a PlayStation exclusive character won’t get the same content as other DLC items to the game.

It’s not clear how much content Marvel’s Avengers will receive for Spider-Man’s release, as there hasn’t been any official updates beyond Matlack’s statement. There are high hopes that Spider-Man will have similar content to War for Wakanda’s recent expansion.

Crystal Dynamics recently presented a content plan for 2021 to celebrate the first anniversary of Marvel’s Avengers. Although the roadmap states that the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man DLC will be available at some point in the future, it doesn’t specify when.

We hope that the DLC does not see another delay, pushing it into 2022. Crystal Dynamics has offered players plenty of content and support, so it is understandable that fans aren’t oblivious to the difficulties in game development due to the ongoing pandemic. Fans are eager to play as Peter Parker, as the DLC was originally supposed to launch earlier in the year, but was delayed.

It will be fascinating to compare the experience of controlling the character to Insomniac’s interpretation in Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4/PS5. Spider-Man 2 has also been announced by Insomniac at the recent PlayStation showcase. This is why there has been so much excitement about Spider-Man on PlayStation.

Many Marvel fans are happy to see the character enjoying a gaming revival on the PS4/PS5, and it seems that the character is experiencing a renaissance. Fans can expect an update about Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man DLC in coming months, although nothing has been confirmed.

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