Playing in the Marvel’s Avengers’ New “Pay-To Win” Update

Playing in the Marvel's Avengers' New "Pay-To Win" Update

Playing in the Marvel’s Avengers’ New “Pay-To Win” Update

Marvel’s Avengersgot a Game Pass on Xbox! Good news! Marvel’s Avengers now has XP, resource boosts, and a shop that allows new players to spend money to buy levels. Oh no! Everyone is now very upset.

These additions came shortly after an update that decreased the rate of XP gains. This is bad news for Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix. These consumables, which were introduced to the game in September to celebrate its first anniversary, seem to convince new players to skip the grind and get to the same levels as the more experienced players.

Publisher and developer also said that E3 2019 will not feature any “pay-to-win scenarios”. While the boosts aren’t the dictionary definition of the phrase, it’s argued by grumpy players that they definitely fall into the “pay-to-grease-the-wheels-and-capitalise-on-feelings-of-FOMO” bracket.

Players call the introduction of consumables “scummy”, and “greedy.” Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have not yet responded to the negative reactions towards the game. j_miyagi posted on Reddit, “I didn’t want to be so pessimistic regarding this game. Had hoped to love the game or even champion it.” “I am pessimistic because they have always given me reasons to be, it doesn’t seem like that’ll change.”

“I was already disgusted that they added $14 outfits to the game after taking away the ability to earn cosmetics in the game. There’s supposed to have been a cosmetic rework. Kurumi replied to Resetera. I don’t know how you can f**k up an Avengers video game. They did it.

The community seems to agree on their opinions regarding the additions. They also believe that Marvel’s Avengers will transition to a free-to-play title. It would be a controversial chapter in the game’s history, regardless of whether or not it is true.

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