Far Cry 7 – ‘Online-Oriented Focus’

Far Cry 7 - 'Online-Oriented Focus'

Far Cry 7 – ‘Online-Oriented Focus’

According to an insider, Ubisoft could be looking for a more online-oriented approach for the next installment of its Far Cry series.

This news is coming within the same week that Far Cry 6 was released. Some have criticized for being more.

At this point, it is not clear what an “online-oriented” Far Cry title might look like. Is Ubisoft planning to create a Far Cry MMO? Are these online-oriented elements likely to be an extension of Ubisoft’s in-game social components and digital storefronts, bringing more social media elements into Far Cry’s progress?

The question of how prominent this shift in focus will be is another. Far Cry has not been able to change its core gameplay or stray from a proven formula that is financially sustainable.

Whatever the meaning of the online pivot, it will be something that Ubisoft’s open-world collect-a-thon franchises will find new.

Far Cry 6 does not have any online multiplayer. However, it supports co-op play.

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