VALORANT EMEA’s Last Chance Qualifier: Schedules, Brackets and Teams

VALORANT EMEA's Last Chance Qualifier: Schedules, Brackets and Teams

VALORANT EMEA’s Last Chance Qualifier: Schedules, Brackets, and Teams

VALORANT Champion is just around the corner. However, only a few teams have yet to qualify for this grand annual event. The HTML will be held globally. It will determine which teams will advance to the title of champions.

Eight teams from the EMEAVALORANT circuit are competing for a spot in the Champions event at the end of the year. To determine the Champions finalists, the MCQs will be held concurrently in October for South America, NA, and Asia.

Fans are eager to cheer on their favorite teams and the competition will begin on October 10th. Based on previous tournament circuit points, eight teams were selected for the EMEA-LCQ.

We have all the information you need about the EMEA LQ. This is everything you need about VALORANT Champions Tour EMEA Final Chance Qualifiers.

VALORANT EMEA Final Chance Qualifier Schedule and Format

EMEA’s LCQ is the last chance for those teams who did exceptionally well in the 2021 VCT season but weren’t able to make it to the Champions stage. Gambit won Masters Berlin and Ascend and Fnatic are currently ranked second and third in the standings.

The top three teams in the EMEA circuit points leaderboard were Gambit, Ascend, and Fnatic. Fnatic won the final seed. Strike Arabia was the representative for the MENA region. Seven seeds were awarded to these teams.

This event will be the same as the Challengers Main Events, with eight teams competing in double elimination brackets. Except for the Grand Final, all match-ups are best-of-3 matches.

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