Forget the potatoes and pregnancy test: Doom runs on Twitter now

There are many things that Doom can run on. It’s on an Intel Edison chip. This is a very basic example of what these things can do. But it’s amazing to see it in action. If you’re interested in going down the rabbit hole, here’s another list.

Twitter is the latest addition to the list of “weird stuff running Doom”, and specifically the Tweet2Doom Bot that allows anyone with some patience to play the game through this social media platform. The basic scripting language used to manage movement and interactions is input by the bot via replies to tweets. These instructions are then converted into a gameplay video which is sent to the user as a tweet. Every valid tweet generates a “new state”, which can be extended by further replies. This allows for extended gameplay sessions across multiple tweet threads.

Although the process is straightforward, there are some syntax rules that you will need to follow and patience to understand how scripting works. To start a new game, you must reply-tweet “/play x,,e,,e,,e,,50-,50-u,15-f,” for instance. It might not be so simple after all.

According to my knowledge, the trick is to break it down into small pieces. Move a little, shoot a little, then see how the world reacts, and then adjust accordingly. As you can see, they are moving in smaller segments and taking on individual threats whenever possible. This ensures that they are in a good place for future tweets.

There’s also the speedrun option.

Github has an interactive map of all Twitter Doom runs. You can view all dead-end runs, including mine. This was just a copy-and-paste from someone else’s script commands. There are also a few very long strings that are more interesting and likely to be more successful. You can click on any name on the map, which can be dragged or zoomed with a mouse to take you to Twitter where you can view that slice of Doom gameplay.

Although it’s not the best way to play Doom this is a great way to watch the runs grow over multiple tweets. Is this the way that anyone will ever get to the end of Doom? Although I would prefer to say no, I have been around for long enough to know that it is possible. The only question is when.

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