Five Matches You Should Book After The 2021 WWE Draft

Five Matches You Should Book After The 2021 WWE Draft

Five Matches You Should Book After The 2021 WWE Draft

The 2021 WWE Draft has shaken up the world of professional wrestling. It has left us with some exciting dream matches, blockbuster feuds and some of WWE’s most prominent stars moving from red to blue.

Given that WWE is currently in a bit slump period due to the rise of AEW stalling any. Quite possibly, Drew McIntyre was traded to SmackDown Live by WWE. This was a move many wrestling fans anticipated in advance after numerous pieces of marketing indicated that McIntyre would be headline the blue brand’s live events soon. McIntyre had already confirmed his intention to challenge the champion of either brand, setting up a match against Big E to win the WWE title for Crown Jewel just before ‘The Scottish Warrior’ packs his bags and heads for Friday nights. The momentum that they have built over the past two years is now for SmackDown and RAW to be used in a way that gets the fans excited again. Let’s take a look at 5 possible matches that WWE could be involved in throughout 2021/2022 using their new rosters.

McIntyre, however, also wanted to meet the Universal Champion. He literally pointed out “The Tribal Chief” with his signature blade, and said that he would like to meet him upon his arrival.

Fans are excited about the McIntyre-Reigns match. Their last encounter was at the 2020 Survivor Series live-per-view, where they were well-received and praised by wrestling critics. According to reports, the backstage brass thought that Reigns/McIntyre was a strong headlining feud similar to Rock/Hogan’s in the 2000s.

This rematch will be a major main event, and it will most likely take place around Wrestlemania season or even the Rumble. Drew may be one of few stars on the blue brand who can dethrone the dominant Universal champion. If WWE wants to keep McIntyre in babyface spotlight, then Drew would be your best bet.

This match could be performed in front of a live audience, which can help to reenergize some disillusioned fans. Let’s do it!

Bianca Belair vs. Rhea Ripley was the final act of the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble. Rhea Ripley won the title shot for Wrestlemania, while Belair prevailed over ‘The Nightmare’. Both future stars were able to seamlessly transition to the main event scene by launching for RAW and challenging Asuka to the RAW Women’s Championship. Ripley became a huge star just like Belair. ‘The EST’ capitalized on her Wrestlemania moment and defeated Sasha Banks at the emotional main event. Following the 2005 Royal Rumble, it was Cena/Batista-esque.

Both Ripley and Belair both have seen their first championship runs. This allows them to turn their attention to each other, with Ripley becoming the dominant heel and Belair retaining her popularity among the wider audience. This could be a huge attraction at a major pay per view, with the most popular female stars from each brand coming together to determine who is the best and worst wrestler.

With the support of WWE’s marketing department, both women will be able to rekindle the spark they had at the beginning of the year. But, it is hard to predict if the match will generate as much buzz with Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch keeping things the same.

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