Overwatch Halloween Event 2021 Start Time Countdown, Skins, Junkenstein’s Revenge Return & More

Overwatch Halloween Event 2021 Start Time Countdown, Skins, Junkenstein's Revenge Return & More

Overwatch Halloween Event 2021 Start Time Countdown, Skins, Junkenstein’s Revenge Return & More

Overwatch players still have plenty to wait for Overwatch2 to be released, but that’s okay, as there are always more events in the game. We understand that you may not be as keen on sun and prefer the dark thrills of Halloween events.

You might wonder how long it will be before Halloween Terror comes back to Overwatch. It’s evident that Halloween Terror is a long-running event and one of the most beloved events in Overwatch.

The thrill of Junkenstein’s Revenge, and the onslaught from Zomnics are also quite amazing. If you want more Halloween high-jinks and spine-tingling skins, keep reading. We are hopeful that October will arrive this week. Here’s everything you need about Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Start Time Countdown

We can count down to the official start of Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 now that Blizzard has confirmed it. It will take place at 6pm BST. The below timer shows how long it is until the event starts.

Latest News

12 October 2021

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event has revealed its third and fourth skins. This is great news for Echo and Brigitte.

These skins are for “Vampire Hunter Brigitte”, and “Vampire Bat Echo”. These new skins for Echo, Brigitte and Brigitte were believed to be Legendary skins. Below, you can see both of these new skins:

11 October 2021

Blizzard unveiled another legendary skin: ‘Draugr Reinhardt. Have a look at the image below:

10 October 2021

Blizzard confirmed that Halloween Terror will be back, as well as a new IT-inspired skin for Roadhog. Take a look at the Tweet below.

5 October 2021

We are still waiting for news on Halloween Terror 2021. It is likely that it will not arrive until next week, with a possible launch date of October 12. Enjoy this amazing concept skin (below), for Vampire Queen Mercy Skin. If you’re looking for some Diablo Lilith vibes, this skin will do.

1 October 2021 –

It’s officially October, and Halloween is almost here. Overwatch Halloween news is coming soon!

When does Overwatch Halloween Event 2021 begin?

Blizzard’s seasonal events are usually run like clockwork. They have a predictable start and finish time. We can simply look back at the past years to determine when the spooktacular event in 2021 will begin.

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror has been held on the following dates in the past:

Blizzard has a very strict release schedule for Halloween Terror. The release date is set in the second week October. 2019 is the only exception, but this delay was likely due to the game’s release for Nintendo Switch.

We know that Overwatch events usually launch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is when Blizzard typically releases their title updates.

This in mind, Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 will start on Thursday, October 7, 2021 or Tuesday, October 12, 20,21 . Although we can’t predict it happening sooner, there is a chance that it will happen on Thursday, October 14 2021.

Our money will be available from Tuesday, October 12 to Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

Overwatch Halloween Event Skins

It’s not possible to predict with certainty which Overwatch characters will get new skins for this event.

We can still try to figure out who could be next in line for an Overwatch Halloween Terror Skin. This is based on the skins that have been used for past events.

Given that ALL heroes own at least one Halloween Terror skin it is difficult to know who could be eligible for a new skin. We should be able narrow down the list of characters who might be eligible for a Legendary Skin. Not all characters have had one.

The following characters have not yet been given a Halloween Terror Legendary skin:


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