Poser REVIEW – Aesthetically Pleasing | Nightstream 2021

Poser REVIEW - Aesthetically Pleasing | Nightstream 2021

Poser REVIEW – Aesthetically Pleasing | Nightstream 2021

Poser, the feature film debut from writer/director/editor Noah Dixon and cinematographer/director Ori Segev, is a gorgeously shot (no wonder given that one of the co-directors has mostly worked as a cinematographer in the past) obsession thriller that flips between intriguingly original and unsurprisingly generic throughout its sub-90 minute runtime.

Poser follows Lennon, a young woman from Columbus, Ohio who is desperate to make it in the underground music scene. She starts a podcast to highlight and interview the upcoming artists and soon she is a success. Micah (Abdul Seidu), a rapper, and Bobbi Kitten, an electro/art pop singer/songwriter (playing a part of herself), become her friends. Both are intimidatingly beautiful and incredibly charismatic. These friendships develop over the course of the film and Lennon’s desire not only to be near, but to like her friends, particularly Bobbi Kitten, leads to some less than stellar decisions.

Although it’s a well-known story, it was born in Single White Male with the most recent major film iteration, Ingrid Gets West. However, it is constantly reinterpreted in new scenes and through other media and it never seems to get boring. Poser’s story revolves around music, but Columbus’ general art scene is also included.

This allows for great concert performances by a variety of bands from the scene. There are also jokes about patrons and self-serious musicians who are more concerned with making a statement that is profound than creating something meaningful. These two are at their best when they overlap in interviews Lennon conducts with members of these bands. They all seem comfortable enough to laugh about themselves and the scene.

These bands are often involved in interviews and performances. This creates an illusion of another reality that is both fascinating for people who know the bands and entertaining for those who don’t. It’s the fact Bobbi is a fictionalized version of herself as the lead singer for Damn the Witch Siren, with Z-Wolf as her music partner throughout the film that makes Poser so unsettlingly unique, even though the story follows familiar beats.

Although the film doesn’t reach these story beats until quite surprisingly late in its runtime, it’s not surprising that they are coming. However, much of the film is a portrait of Lennon and less a thriller. This helps to differentiate the film from its obsession thriller sibling, because we are unsure what will happen next and when the other shoe will drop. It also focuses solely on Lennon, who is obsessed, and puts us on her side without judgment.

Poser can also be enjoyed as an artistic experience due to the beautiful music, lighting and people (Bobbi is breathtaking in every scene). The story isn’t groundbreaking or innovative, but it’s a fun and disturbing film.

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