Annoyed with New World’s lack of minimap, two players built their own

New World’s interface for MMOs is very sparse. While getting rid of stacks of ability hotbars was a welcome change, some players still long for traditional navigation tools.

Two players decided to create their minimap with this in mind.

GameRant spotted that Redditor Morbid, their friend, and their minimap. This effectively displays a portion of the standard map on a smaller screen, eliminating opening the main map. It works well, showing you the locations of vendors and resource nodes and allows you to zoom in and out as needed.

Morbid stated that “One of the biggest complaints is that the map isn’t easy to use in towns – it’s always zoomed out or you can’t see anything due to the “Upcoming War” message.” My friend and I created a minimap to improve the map interface, prevent us from getting lost in towns, and make it easier to farm resources while on questing.

It seems that many players feel relieved to have an alternative to opening and closing the main map all the time, judging from the comments. It’s not clear if New World allows such add-ons. The game’s Terms of Service do not specify where cheats or UI mods are allowed.

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