Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 COUNTDOWN – Start Time, Rewards and Activities & Everything We Do

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 COUNTDOWN - Start Time, Rewards and Activities & Everything We Do

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 COUNTDOWN – Start Time, Rewards and Activities & Everything We Do

Destiny 2’s major Halloween event, Festival of the Lost is almost upon us. It should be launching soon with lots of new spooky content to get players into the holiday spirit. Bungie has revealed some details about what fans can expect when the holiday event that is a fan favorite returns. But there are many things we know about it. The spooky spectacle will likely revive some of the best content from the game. If you have missed past seasonal items, this is your chance to enjoy Bungie’s finest creations again. This is everything you need about the game’s next major event.

Festival Of The Lost: Time Countdown

Bungie has now confirmed a release date of the Festival of the Lost so we know when the Halloween event will start. This is why we have added this handy countdown clock to show you exactly how long you need to wait.

Latest News

12 October 2021 –

Here’s a sneak peak at the Festival of the Lost. This is courtesy of Xbox’s forthcoming Twitch schedule.

11 October 2021 –

In case you were curious about when we might find out more information on the Festival of the Lost, Bungie is expected to share all details at the next Weekly RESET.

7 October 2021 –

Bungie confirmed Festival of the Lost’s release date and time this week.

Guardians have the opportunity to reflect on the past year and to celebrate those who have died, as well as to continue to face each new challenge. Festival of the Lost’s themes can be compared to the Day of the Dead (Day of the Dead) which many people celebrate. Not only is diversity and representation important in Destiny 2, it’s also important for our real-life communities.

Bungie revealed the Calavera Ghost Shell (Below) in celebration of the occasion. It was designed by Luis Yepez.

5 October 2021

Xbox announced that Destiny2 Beyond Light will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 12. Although we are unsure when the Festival of the Lost will begin, we believe it is.

4 October 2021

We are in the first week of Octubre and, although we have a Reset tomorrow, we don’t expect the Festival of the Lost to start just yet. We expect to get some insight into what we can expect from the next This Week At Bungie Blogpost which arrives on Thursday. We are hoping for a launch on 12 October!

1 October 2021

It is officially October, and Halloween season is almost here. We expect Festival of the Lost news to arrive next week.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021: Start Time

Bungie’s annual event will likely kick off in October, just like it did in years past.

Festival of the Lost 2020 ran from October 6th through November 3rd. However, as you can see above, it was somewhat of an exception. Bungie’s Season of the Lost Roadmap only confirms that Festival of the Lost will be held from October through November. The roadmap does not provide a date or start time.

Bungie might be looking to fill the gap until February, as Witch queen was delayed to 2022.

Festival of the Lost could be held in the middle of October, and continue until the middle of November.

We know that the event will start following a Destiny 2 Weekly reset, so it’s likely you’ll see it live one of October 12, October 19, or October 26.

Our money is October 12.


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