How the 20-year-old developer behind Choo-Choo Charles is handling the attention

The internet reacted with terror to the announcement of Choo-Choo Charlie, a novelty survival horror game. This confirms long-held fears about trains with faces. We spoke with Gavin Eisenbeisz (the game’s creator) about his background, how he handles the sudden attention and what the game will do.

Eisenbeisz shared some additional gameplay details about Choo-Choo Charles. These include the open-world islands. You will explore forests, beaches, mountains, and villages inhabited with the paper-doll NPCs. You’ll be chased by Charles as you explore, but initially you will only be able evade him or repel him.

Eisenbeisz says, “My idea was that Charles would go on the prowl every five to ten minutes and try to track you down.” “And so, in that moment, once he grabs you and starts, your goal should be to escape him or scare him away.

Charles will eventually be defeated by you if your train is upgraded with scrap from the world. You can summon him to a “final duel” Charles will not run away at that point. It will be a “duel until the death.”

Eisenbeisz, who is only 20 years old is a self-taught team member at Two Star Games. He says, “I started making games around eight years ago now, when i was twelve.” “I first made games using the Blender game engine and fell in love with it. It’s been my passion since then.”

Eisenbeisz eventually switched to Unreal and Choo-Choo Charles as his game engine. He said, “I’m a big fan of Unreal.”

Eisenbeisz began publishing his games as soon after he could–first on mobile, then and finally on Steam during the Greenlight era. Two Star Games already has two games released this year. My Beautiful Paper Smile is an Early Access hand-drawn horror title that Eisenbeisz illustrated. He said, “I’ve always loved art and drawing, sketching. That kind of stuff.”

Eisenbeisz is not limited to illustration. He also creates 3D assets and textures custom for his games, including the ones for Choo-Choo Charles’ spider-train terror.

He says the overwhelming response to the Choo-Choo Charles trailer was “incredible” as well as “overwhelming.” It’s been stressful but I believe the stress is mostly adrenaline.

Eisenbeisz’s trailer tweet has been retweeted more than 13,000 times and has received over 300,000. The trailer has also been uploaded to YouTube, adding another 200,000 views.

Eisenbeisz says that now that social media has slowed down a bit, he has “a little more breathing room”. Eisenbeisz attributes the positive reaction to the collective memory Thomas the Tank Engine, Choo-Choo Charlie’s most prominent inspiration. He didn’t anticipate that so many people would be scared by trains with faces.

He said, “I’ll admit that I was surprised by some comments.” “As a child, I wasn’t afraid of Thomas the Tank Engine.” It’s clear that some of it is there, but I look back.

Eisenbeisz may not be afraid of tank engines, but he is a horror lover. He noted that his obsession peaks while creating My Beautiful Paper Smile. This film features darker themes than Choo-Choo Charles, and Eisenbeisz was more frightened by them. He says that the only thing that scares him is body horror/gore. My games don’t contain any intense gore.

Eisenbeisz, who hopes for a release date in 2022, confirmed that Choo Choo Charles is still in “very early development” and admitted that there’s more pressure due to the high level of interest. He said that he is willing to spend more time on the project than he originally expected, but that he does not plan to bring any other people into the equation.

Eisenbeisz states that “Ultimately, the simplicity of game development and the freedom to work alone, specifically” is what he enjoys. “I know exactly what I need to do. It is clear to me how it should be done. This seems to work the best for me at the moment.

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