Sons of the Forest Release Date: Everything We Know

Sons of the Forest Release Date: Everything We Know

Sons of the Forest Release Date: Everything We Know

Sons of the Forest will be the next project by Endnight Games, the developer and publisher of its survival game The Forest. Rumours have swirled about it since its reveal in late 2019 due to the lack of information shared by its team.

Although there aren’t many details available, these trailers give an idea of what to expect. This is all we know about Sons of the Forest: details about the release date, gameplay and story.

Sons of the Forest: Release Date

Sons of the Forest does not yet have a release date, but it was given a wide 2021 window in late 2017. The developer has not released any updates since then, which leaves some players worried that a delay could be coming.

Surprise launches can happen from time-to-time and with only a few months remaining in 2021, it is possible that a Sons of the Forest announcement date could be made at some point in the future. If 2022 is not an option, it seems safer.

Story of the Sons of the Forest

Although it’s not clear how large a role the story will play in Sons of the Forest, the trailers so far suggest that it begins with a helicopter accident that leaves your character trapped in a forest.

Although the spooky woman may have been a hallucination, it could be that there is a story to follow. However, it is equally likely that the story will be much more fragmented and rely on the environment for context. We’re still guessing until the developer shares more.

Story of the Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest appears to have all the best elements of the genre in terms of gameplay. You’ll find plenty of exploration and some horror when you face cannibals or mutants who are out to harm you.

To fight them off, you can use guns, sticks, and a taser to do so. If you aren’t fighting, you will likely engage in some type of crafting or at least live your dream of becoming a lumberjack. You will be able to see the improved visuals, which adds more detail to woodcutting and digging dirt.

Requirements for Sons of the Forest System

We don’t know yet what Sons of Forest’s system requirements are, but based on the quality of the trailers, we think we can safely guess that we will need larger PCs to run The Forest.

How much can Sons of the Forest be purchased?

It is still unknown if the game will launch on these platforms. We expect Sons of the Forest will launch on at least the PC and the PS4 based on its predecessor and be available on Steam and the Playstation Store.

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