This Creepy New Horror Game Is Inspired By Silent Hill And Resident Evil

This Creepy New Horror Game Is Inspired By Silent Hill And Resident Evil

This Creepy New Horror Game Is Inspired By Silent Hill And Resident Evil

Sometimes all you need to get an impression of a new game’s content is a few screenshots. It might be just one screenshot or a few songs that set your nerves racing. In the days before the internet, we would see one picture of a game in a magazine. We’d base our expectations on that single image, and it might be something that isn’t even in the final game. It happens all the time. Today’s screenshot is from a no longer-existent magazine. YouTube, evidently.

What Wronged Us is our focus. We don’t know much about the story, how it will play or what it is. We don’t have any information about the platforms, price or potential crossovers with unconfirmed Hideo Kojima products (heh). We have seen a 19 second video, which you can see below, and it has made us think: Oh, god, this is our jam. Is it still true that people say that a particular thing is their jam? We like it, so take a look…

You are right? Right? Although I don’t claim to be a doctor, I believe having no head usually means that you can’t stand up and walk around the area, holding hands. This is how nature works in general. Don’t walk towards me, friends.

The clip ends with the announcement that Wronged us is currently being developed in Unreal engine (5, presumably), and is scheduled for release in 2022. It’s possible that the full reveal will take place in 2022. You can click to the Twitter page that is linked in the YouTube video. There are no tweets as of the writing of this post. The information is similar, but more informative: “Survival Horror Open World Game”. Those are words that we know.

We understand the YouTube post’s stated influences: Silent Hill Resident Evil, Dark Souls. The last one is a little intriguing, considering it’s not a horror game. It is, in a way, a horror series. This is enough to get excited about? This is more than just a screenshot. It could all end in disaster, could be another abandoned, and we don’t really need that. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and be optimistic, even if we are a little bit scared.

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