Oh My God! Why is The SpongeBob Xbox Series X so Good?

Oh My God! Why is The SpongeBob Xbox Series X so Good?

Oh My God! Why is The SpongeBob Xbox Series X so Good?

It is cursed to have a SpongeBob SquarePants-themed Xbox Series X. Is it cursed? Or is it blessed?

This creation was created to celebrate the Nickelodeon All-Star brawl which is a Smash Bros.-style fighting game in which Nigel Thornberry and CatDog battle it out. Although it may look like it is trying to grab the attention of other series, Nickelodeon Super Brawl began with Jingle Brawl, a browser-based holiday game more than ten years ago.

The game is actually very popular with Smash players, who are expected to be squeezing the competition due to balance issues that always exist at the beginning of an online game. Nickelodeon All-Star brawl has some advantages over its inspiration. For example, rollback netcode predicts a player’s move if their connection becomes patchy.

Watch the trailer below for the game!

The game may be entertaining its users, but the Xbox Series X consoles seem to be questionable. The console, which is inspired by Leonardo, features the face of the legendary hero along with his favorite food: pizza. The announcement is available at Xbox Wire. This is what I see. In this day and age, no one uses the word “visage”. No one.

There’s also a SpongeBob version that puts Leonardo’s grimace front-and-center on the console. Cleanfluencers have been shaking, protecting the empty eyes of Scrub Daddy.

The Xbox Series X’s chunkiness makes it easy to incorporate the SpongeBob theme. For a dose of body horror on Tuesday afternoons, the controller uses one of the sticks to act as his eyeball while the “A” button acts as his pupil.

These two prizes are available as part of a sweepstake that is open until October 24th to anyone 18 and over and living in an Xbox Live-supported region. All who participate wish you the best of luck.


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