Guardians of the Galaxy is somehow now 80GB instead of 150GB

Eidos Montreal has graciously reduced the file size of Guardians of the Galaxy. The system requirements for the game were posted on Steam a few days back. The rest of the information was not remarkable, but one thing that caught people’s attention was the fact that it would take up 150GB of storage.

This is a large amount of space on your hard drive to devote to one game. Large file sizes can make those with potato internet (like myself) cry in the corner. It looks like it won’t be as chunky as it seems. Guardians of the Galaxy tweeted that they wanted to update you on the final size of the PC game. It will not exceed 150GB. We can confirm that the game will launch at approximately 80GB.

80GB is much more manageable for my already poor storage and internet. It is unclear if Steam’s requirements were incorrect or if Eidos Montreal was lured into action by the response. However, the smaller file size is greatly appreciated.

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