New Minecraft mob vote – The Allay

New Minecraft mob vote – The Allay

New Minecraft mob vote – The Allay

Mojang will be asking us to vote on the next Minecraft mob during Minecraft Live, October 16th 2021. We’ll be introduced this week to the mobs up for vote. the Glare was announced first on October 11.

Mojang posted another video introducing mob votes on October 12, this time showing Tiny Jens and the Allay. The Allay is a worthy contender, even though the Glare is extremely useful in the game. We’re just two mobs away from being truly torn.

The Allay may be even cuter than that of the Glare, if it’s possible. The Allay is a small, blue-colored, flying creature that resembles a friendly vex. It can help you gather items. An allay will return with more items if you give it one. Super useful!

The Allay gives the noteblock another purpose. The noteblock is still a very ineffective block, unless you’re a complete redstone wizard (which I am unfortunately not). The Alay will be used to make intricate doorbells. However, if the Alay is added to Minecraft, Allays will use a noteblock to deliver their cargo. They’ll also do a little dance that is obviously the most important part. The main purpose of the Allay is to collect items. This could be a time-saving feature in the game.

Although we don’t know the extent of its gathering abilities, we do not believe it to be able to gather as much as it can. Can you keep giving it diamonds? Although I assume it cannot hold a pickaxe it is stated in Mojang’s blog that it can return with mined block, so there’s still potential! It would be quite game-changing, wouldn’t you think? There is probably a limit to how many Allays can collect. It could still be very useful if you are in dire need of tasty snacks or decorative blocks to build your next crazy project.

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