This Tomb Raider survival horror prototype almost became the 2013 reboot

Crystal Dynamics put Lara Croft through a story that tested her survival skills when her origin story was rewritten in 2013. Lara almost ended up in a survival horror game before she got there.

Square Enix shared seven minutes of footage from Tomb Raider Ascension this week. Ascension was a horror-focused game with gruelling boss fights and inhuman monsters that set fire to each other. Lara’s journey to reboot ended up taking her on an action-oriented, more thrilling path. However, the survival horror version looks quite neat.

Square celebrated Lara’s 25th birthday with many events and details on its blog. It has also shared a video that shows some of Tomb Raider Ascension’s prototyping progress. Square states that Crystal Dynamics explored taking Lara into survival horror territory but that only through Ascension that they focused on telling a survival story through an origin story.

Watch Lara start out as a grey test model, carrying a torch, equipment, and a torch through underground caves. She eventually becomes a more identifiable version fighting off some creepy, wraithlike foes.

This is not the first time Ascension footage has been shared. The Planet Lara fan channel shared a shorter version of the different prototype footage back in 2013. According to the track, Ascension was inspired by Shadow of the Colossus and Resident Evil. Although it is unclear if that was Crystal Dynamics’ intention, you can see both shades in this early footage video.

The open-world horseback sections are reminiscent of SotC, particularly when they involve being chased by a large, troll-like creature. You can also set monsters ablaze with a gas canister flame thrower, which is definitely survival horror.

You can find more Ascension videos on the Tomb Raider YouTube channel: A concept art video of a young girl who would have been Lara’s companion and a branding video that shows some potential box art.

The Tomb Raider reboot we ended up with was a 75% success. Our Tomb Raider review gave it a 75% rating. It stated that Lara’s origins were “visually breathtaking and meticulously staged, but limited depth and stifling linearithm.” In position 12, she also ranked on our list of all Lara Crofts ranked. Sorry, origin Lara.

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