Call of Duty: Warzone’s Halloween mode is fun except for this fake blue screen

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Halloween Event, The Haunting of Verdansk, returned this week to offer a second round of spooky royale. Activision traded last year’s zombie theme for ghosts. Ghostface, a scratchy voice, narrated the event. It’s been quite fun so far. The only thing that I don’t like about Haunting is the jump scares you can get at any time.

These scares are loud and obnoxious. This is probably what Raven Software intended when it created them. You will need to go through the “Scare Warning” prompt before queueing for a match.

The fake computer blue screen effect, which blocks your vision for several seconds, is the most frightening jump scare and one I am glad I haven’t experienced yet.

No thanks. Yes, no thanks. So far, I have had a few scary experiences, such as my eyeballs popping out of my screen and my monitor shattering to reveal an evil ghost woman. But at least I can see ahead of me. Redditor Yoszerz was able to see the worst-case scenario, as a blue screen appeared while they were trying to win a firefight.

The degree to which you manage your fear meter (lower left) will determine whether or not you experience jump scares. You are more likely to get scared if you do certain things, such as camping in one place or getting shot at. If you play aggressively, scoring kills and standing in “sacred ground” locations, your fear will stay low. Players and influencers complained about the fear effects when the mode was first launched.

Raven has already released two hotfixes to lower fear generation and make life easier. Since I didn’t begin playing the mode until after these patches were deployed, I have had no problem keeping my fear down. If I did nothing for more than a few minutes, the meter would jump. This is far worse than being alive in Warzone.

Some people have said that the zombie event last year was better. However, I’ve found I enjoy playing as a ghost after my death a lot more. Super jump is much more fluid this time, and I love the instant teleport ability that blinks like a flash. It’s a good reminder that Warzone’s limited-time modes can be pretty entertaining, even if it isn’t so severe for two seconds.–CdUTfU

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