Symfuhny Bans Warzone Hacker Teams Mid-Game

Symfuhny Bans Warzone Hacker Teams Mid-Game

Symfuhny Bans Warzone Hacker Teams Mid-Game

Mason ‘Symfuhny” Lanier was left alone while playing Warzone. He tried to enter a home when an enemy player shot him. After waiting a while, he went back out into the yard to get shot again. The kill cam clearly shows that the enemy player knew exactly where and when he was going.

Hackers in Warzone can be a problem but streamers get more attention for reporting them. They can often get hackers banned live, as their reports contain clips and are more reliable. It’s almost like the final scene from Avengers: Infinity War.

Warzone Hacker

While we wait for anti-cheat to arrive, there will be many instances in which hackers can roam freely and are blocked. It is a classic moment when hackers realize the end is near. The whole team of hackers must watch their friends perish one by one. Only one was left and he wasn’t hacking.

He was left to his own devices, and it was clear how bad the team was. They immediately took on another player and demonstrated how bad their goal was. Hackers are those who can’t aim straight.

This is a classic. It’s simple. If this person doesn’t hack, Warzone will be boring. Hacking is a growing business.

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