Dead by Daylight Promo codes (October 2021: Free Bloodpoints and More

Dead by Daylight Promo codes (October 2021: Free Bloodpoints and More

Dead by Daylight Promo codes (October 2021: Free Bloodpoints and More

[Original Story] Dead By Daylight is a popular team horror game. Four players face off against a murderer and must fix generators in order to escape the map. It sounds simple but it’s not.

The game launched in June 2016 and now has 20 chapters. There are 24 playable killers, 27 survivors and plenty of content to keep players engaged. Fans will debate the Best Daylight Killer. That’s certain.

The game began celebrating its 5th anniversary in recent years. However, the game recently added a new feature, Promo Codes!

It was simple, give players blood points to anyone who is too lazy to earn blood points in Dead By Daylight a normal way. This is the place for you if you feel that way.

Here’s a guide that will help you redeem all active Dead By Daylight promo codes. There’s also a list of expired codes for Dead By Daylight games so you don’t waste your time trying to claim codes that have stopped working.

Dead by Daylight has a new promo code. We say it’s new, but technically, it’s an old charm that has been made available to players once more.

“If you think that Halloween was the most frightening thing ever, it wasn’t getting your hands on a Dwightcrow Charm… Use code DWIGHTCROW for PC and consoles between Oct 1st and Oct 31st.”

Although it’s not as good as free blood points for everyone, anyone who wants to add a nice cosmetic to their player’s belts in October should try it.

A new charm is now available to players. All you have to do is enter the code “INSERTCOIN”, and the charm will be delivered to your account.

This was confirmed by a tweet sent from the official account, which said:

“It’s nearly The Sprite’s third anniversary! But wait… That’s not true. You can redeem the DbD arcade machine from now to the end of the calendar year by entering code INSERT COIN

Active Dead By Daylight Promo Codes (October 2021)

We have listed all current codes below and will keep this page updated as new codes become available.

  • NICE – 69 Bloodpoints
  • PRIDE In-game Pride Sharm (this is a code that never expires).
  • INSERT COIN – DbD Arcade Machine Sharm
  • DWIGHTCROW – Dwightcrow charm on sale until October 31st
  • NOTATRICK – 100k Bloodpoints
  • HALLOWHOOPS – 10K Auric Cells

How to redeem Dead by Daylight promo codes

Go to the store’s page to redeem the codes. You will find a Redeem Code button. You can click this button to open a pop-up where you can enter these codes. You could be rewarded with Bloodpoints or Clothing, or Auric Cells for doing so. It’s simple!

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