Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine join Fortnite in latest crossover

Fortnite continues to swallow characters from different franchises, much like Resident Evil’s zombie horde. Along with new cosmetic items taken from Resident Evil, Chris Redfield, a Boulder-punching star, and Jill Valentine, a Nemesis-squashing heroine, have officially joined Fortnite’s battle royale universe.

Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are available as standalone or bundle purchases, just like previous Fortnite crossovers. His appearance inspires Chris’ alternate style in Resident Evil Village. Jill wears the Resident Evil 3 remake.

There are bonus items, such as the Green Herb Back bling (also available in blue and red variants), that can be added to the skins. It won’t heal you like the Resident Evil item.

Resident Evil’s famous game-saving typewriter can be dragged by the Saving Keystrokes Back bling. Hot Dogger Pickaxe reimagines the Resident Evil 3 knife, which sets zombies ablaze with every slash. The Stun Rod Pickaxe is the final option, as we’ve seen it in entries such as RE4, RE5, RE6, and RE6.

Epic has also added a new emote, the “Brolly Stroll.” This one is beyond my comprehension of Resident Evil lore. Is there a corporate walk that Umbrella does?

Check out our Fortnite news and guides. Epic has just announced Fortnite’s first-ever PvE tournament. If you prefer to be beaten by AI players,

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