Switch vs. PS4 Comparison Shows It’s An Impressive Port With Dying Light

Switch vs. PS4 Comparison Shows It's An Impressive Port With Dying Light

Switch vs. PS4 Comparison Shows It’s An Impressive Port With Dying Light

Comparison video of Dying Light gameplay on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 demonstrates the game’s impressive portability. Comparing different consoles has always been interesting. The Switch is expected to surpass the lifetime sales of the PlayStation 4, even though the PS5 currently outsells the Nintendo Switch. Gaming enthusiasts find it essential to compare the gameplay of different consoles.
The original release of Dying Light: Survival Horror Video Game on the PS4 was in May 2015. Several DCLs included new expansions and game modes. Dying Light: Platinum Edition was released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in May. The DLCs were included in Dying Light: Platinum Edition. This edition consists of seventeen skins as well as two additional quarantine zones. This edition also grants players access to Dying Light The Following expansion and Dying Light The Bozak Horde (Dying Light: Hellraid) game modes. On October 19, a Switch version, Dying Light: Platinum Edition, was set to launch.

ElAnalistaDeBits, a YouTuber, released a video that compares Dying Light: Platinum Edition gameplay on the Nintendo Switch and PS4. The Switch has a resolution of 1080 pixels to720 pixels, lower than the PS4’s higher resolution. This means that graphics quality will be affected. The settings for draw distance and shadows suffer the most from the Switch’s handheld console, as ElAnalistaDeBits’ video shows. The Switch’s port also has lower quality ambient occlusion as well as textures. In stress zones, there are some drops in frame rate. The Switch still maintains a reasonable frame rate of 30fps which is a standard for consoles. Interestingly, loading times on the Switch are much faster than those on the PS4.

The video comparison clearly shows that Dying Light: Platinum Edition on the Switch is an excellent port despite some setbacks. ElAnalistaDeBits admits Dying Light is one of the best ports for the Switch in their description. The Switch’s port can maintain the same quality as the PS4’s without sacrificing resolution or performance.

The Switch will soon have Dying Light available, which will create a new fanbase. Techland, Dying Light’s developer, will be pleased with the Switch port. This will increase the excitement for Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the sequel. Techland has confirmed that Dying Light 2 will be released via the cloud for Nintendo Switch on the same day as available on other platforms. Fans still have time to wait until the sequel, but at least they now know Dying Light is coming to the Switch.

Techland’s Lead designer Tymon Smektala explains how Techland is using the two-month delay to Dying Light 2. The sequel has had no less than two delays so far. Initially scheduled for a Spring 2020 launch, but Techland delayed the title indefinitely in January 2020. Fans were advised to mark their calendars for December 7, 2020, when the game was relaunched earlier in the year. Dying Light 2’s latest delay has pushed the open-world adventure into February next year.

Tymon Smektala shared his thoughts with Edge Magazine (via Wccftech) about Dying Light 2’s latest release plans. Techland can now focus on double-checking all aspects of the game because of the extended development. This is necessary because of the sheer volume of interconnected systems in the experience. Smektala believes that everything works in tandem. However, developers may encounter “various edges cases” where things don’t work as expected. These are often simple fixes, but developers want to ensure that they catch them all. These extra two months will be used for precisely this purpose. We might even manage to squeeze in an Easter egg or two …”.
Smektala’s explanation seems reasonable considering Dying Light 2’s branching storyline. The overarching storyline will be affected by player choices, but they’ll also impact the city’s makeup. The two additional months of production may prove to be crucial for the sequel’s success on all fronts.

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