The Office Stars Discuss Similarities Between Michael Scott & Ted Lasso

The Office Stars Discuss Similarities Between Michael Scott & Ted Lasso

The Office Stars Discuss Similarities Between Michael Scott & Ted Lasso

The Office’s star Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) has compared his character to Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), from Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso. The series is a feel-good story about an American football coach recruited to coach a professional English soccer team. Although he’s set up for failure, Ted Lasso’s optimism has a contagious effect and makes the unit more positive. The Emmy Award-winning sports sitcom has won seven Emmy Awards. It is now on the road to tremendous success.
Although The Office is a little older than Ted Lasso, it’s still as popular and loved as Ted Lasso. The workplace sitcom follows Michael Scott (a competent but inept manager) and the management of his quirky staff. The series aired nine seasons from 2005 to 2013. Some fans argue that the first seven seasons of the series are better since Michael Scott was not present for seasons 8 or 9. When it was made available for streaming on Netflix, the show gained popularity. It is now available on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock.
According to Mashable, Jenna Fischer (and Angela Kinsey) discussed the similarities between Ted Lasso and Michael Scott on their podcast Office Ladies. They were discussing season 5, episode 20, of The Office, titled “New Boss.” They recalled when Michael was preparing for Charles’ arrival by cutting bagels into “C-shaped” shapes. Fischer said that it was a thoughtful and sweet gesture that Ted Lasso would do. It’s similar to the way he made special biscuits each day for Rebecca, his boss. Fischer also mentioned Ted’s ride on a lawnmower over the football field. He felt it was something Michael would also do.

The ladies debated the similarities between the leading characters. Fischer seemed to be more drawn to the similarities between them. She said that Michael does many things that Ted Lasso does. Kinsey believed that they do the same things, but Ted does them more “proper” way. Kinsey’s assessment is probably more accurate. While Ted and Michael are both excellent people and have their moments, it’s clear that Ted is better than Michael. For example, “Scott’s Tots” proves it, along with all the sexist and racist comments that Michael made throughout the seasons.

They are very similar in many ways. Although The Office employs dark humor, Ted Lasso uses a more positive approach to comedy. However, they share the same clever wit. Both shows know how to balance mood with vulnerability. Both shows have serious but humorous and heartwarming moments because viewers can fall in love with the characters. Ted Lasso is a favorite of many viewers of The Office. Season 2 of The Office is now available to stream, and season 3 is in production. Plans for season 4 are also in the works.

The show’s creators have confirmed Ted Lasso’s season 3. Apple TV also confirmed it. Here’s what we know about the final season. Ted Lasso was created as a skit that NBC Sports produced in 2013. It quickly became a hit with viewers and is a highly regarded comedy series. The story follows Ted Lasso (an American football coach) hired by the fictional English Premier League soccer team AFC Richmond to coach their football. As a plot to take revenge on her ex-husband, Rebecca hired Ted as a coach. The team fails, but Ted’s infectious optimism, kindness, and lessons in accountability help Ted win over skeptical players, staff, and fans.

Ted Lasso, starring Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live) as the main character, is a refreshing and positive sports series globally. Its honest tributes to the game, relatable characters, and ability to mix comforting humor with dramatic character depth have been praised. The Hollywood Reporter reported that the viewership for Ted Lasso season 2 is six times higher than the season 1 numbers. Season 3 of Ted Lasso will likely see an increase in viewers.

The series was nominated for 20 Emmys in 2021 and won seven. This includes Oustanding Lead Actor, Comedy Series for Sudeikis, and Outstanding Comedy Series for the entire crew. We know everything so far about Ted Lasso’s season 3.

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