Pokémon Anniversary Album Listening Party Announced

Pokémon Anniversary Album Listening Party Announced

Pokémon Anniversary Album Listening Party Announced

Capitol Productions announced that they would be hosting a listening party to Pokemon 25: The Album. This event celebrates the 25th anniversary of the popular franchise. The original monster collection was a video game. It evolved over the years to include live-action films, animated series, trading cards, and live-action films. Many fans and developers paid tribute to Pokemon 25: the Album throughout 2021, celebrating the franchise’s anniversary.
A considerable fanbase has been built around the Pokemon franchise, which has attracted a lot of celebrity talent. Some of the most well-known musicians and performers around the globe have gathered to pay tribute to Pokemon 25: The Album. The lineup includes J Balvin and Post Malone. This allows for a variety of styles and genres to be enjoyed by listeners. Songs featured on Pokemon 25: The Album was also inspired by each artist’s feelings and experiences. Many of these artists recently explained the meanings of their compositions before Pokemon 25: The Album’s launch on October 15.
Capitol Music announced via Twitter that a Pokemon 25: The Album global listening event is coming. Listeners can sign up for tune cast via Spotify or Apple Music on October 21 to listen to the commemorative albums with other participants. The global listening party members will have the opportunity to chat and discuss the songs and artists featured in the lyrical tribute of Pokemon. The listening party will take place on October 21 at 12 PM PST/3 PM EST.

Many artists have released music videos for individual songs, in addition to contributing songs to Pokemon 25. The Album. These videos often feature musicians paired with their favorite Pokemon, creating an unforgettable cross-cultural experience. In J Balvin’s music video for “Ten Cuidado,” Charizard and Pikachu were joined by Charizard and Charizard. The video was released alongside the album on October 15. The video features the Colombian rapper transforming into a Pokemon Trainer and then encountering the legendary pocket monsters.

While 2021 was filled with celebrations for Pokemon’s anniversary (Pokemon 25: The Album) is undoubtedly the most memorable tribute to the year. An impressive roster of musicians contributed songs to the album, each one expressing their admiration and love for the franchise. The Album is available to fans, but a listening party allows listeners to share the music. It’s a great way to start celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pokemon.

The new Katy Perry song “Electric” was released in collaboration with Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. The music video features both Pikachu, the franchise mascot, and pop icon Katy Perry. Although the quarter-century celebrations of Pokemon are not over, The Pokemon Company is already making all the necessary preparations.

Pokemon has been one of the most well-known franchises worldwide since its launch in February 1996. It has become almost ubiquitous, with products beyond anime and games making it a highly sought-after license. Its incredible status extends to pop culture. Pikachu is a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from 2001, and Detective Pikachu’s film adaptation grossed almost half a billion in 2019. Over the years, there have been many Pokemon albums, which are often soundtracks to the movies and games. Post Malone hosted a virtual Pokemon Day concert in 2021 to present “Only Wanna Be With You,” one of many musical collaborations released for the 25th anniversary of Pokemon.

Katy Perry’s YouTube channel released the music video for “Electric,” featuring Pikachu and Pichu. Pikachu and Perry are seen spying on a younger version (Pikachu’s cute devolution) and subtly encouraging them both to pursue music. Carlos Lopez Estrada directed the video. It was shot in Hawaii. Already the song has been an enormous success, with over one million views in just 10 hours. It is currently ranked #8 on YouTube’s top-trending page at the time of publication.

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