BlizzCon on ‘pause’ as Blizzard aims for a more ‘welcoming and inclusive’ event

Blizzard announced that they will “pause” plans for an online BlizzCon in early 2022. The company stated that the effort needed to put on the event “is best directed towards supporting the teams.”
Blizzard called it the first BlizzConline. It was held in February 2021 to act as an interim for the 2020 live event. However, this event was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Blizzard also announced that the all-digital BlizzCon 2021 event would be back in early 2022.

Activision Blizzard filed a lawsuit in July alleging widespread discrimination and harassment against the company. These allegations led to the resignation of J. Allen Brack (ex-President of Blizzard), Luis Barriga, Diablo 4’s game director, and Jesse McCree (lead level designer), and Jonathan LeCraft, World of Warcraft designer. Blizzard has been taking out references to these former employees from its games.

Blizzard did not refer to the misconduct allegations in BlizzCon’s announcement. However, the timing of the announcement and the allusion to developers rather than putting on a huge, celebratory show is hard to miss.

Blizzard stated that any BlizzCon event requires all of us to make it happen. It is an entire-company effort, driven by the desire to share our creations with the community we love so much. We feel that the energy required to put on an event like this can be best used for supporting our teams and advancing our games and experiences.

Blizzard suggested that BlizzCon will return if and whenever it does.

“The 16th anniversary of the first BlizzCon was 16 years ago. So much has changed since then, most notably the many ways players and communities can get together and feel like they’re part of something larger,” Blizzard said. We need to make sure that the event feels safe, welcoming, inclusive, no matter what it looks like in the future. We are committed to constant communication with our players and see BlizzCon as a major role in that.

Interesting is another reason why the cancellation was made. Today marks the day that Cole Cassidy, the Overwatch character previously known as McCree, takes on the new name Cole Cassidy. Blizzard will offer Overwatch battletag modifications for $10 until November 5.

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