Sable’s Stranger Update unleashes a ghastly new bike and plenty of bug fixes

I wasn’t expecting Sable would get any post-launch content. Not even a Halloween update. Developer Shedworks released an eldritch new bike, and a costume, on the deserts in Midden this week. But you’ll need to be a ghost to find them.
The Stranger Update, which was launched last night, adds a new set of parts and clothing to your bike that can be used with the Shade of Eccria Mask. The quest chain is one of the most memorable in the game. It follows a spectral entity and, while I won’t spoil it, you’ll soon be able to compliment the mask with a look sure to draw stares.

You can get these by visiting a secret seller, whose location Shedworks doesn’t yet know. Although the developer only gives a brief hint in the update post, it is not a permanent addition. You have plenty of time to find out the details (or check the wikis).

While the new clothes and bike are a nice addition, it is not a major update. Cloth simulations have been fixed, menus will not be frozen by merchants anymore, and your bike won’t get stuck or fall below the map. You can now toggle your bike acceleration instead of holding down the throttle. This is a welcome accessibility feature.

Sable was a wonderful bike that I loved, but it was so unique that I haven’t felt the urge to ride again since I stopped gliding. If Shedworks keeps dropping new secrets and more costumes, I may just be tempted by the old bike to head back out into the desert.–giftcodes-generator–giftcodes-generator/c/qon9Lpc1KTg–giftcodes-generator/c/D_d5VdvFbjY–giftcodes-generator/c/jXx2P-OMVj0–giftcodes-generator/c/O3GYoS_BxEM–giftcodes-generator/c/JhPHoVdKGHI–giftcodes-generator/c/NnHX6QDduQs–giftcodes-generator/c/ZV3PiHxHZPU–giftcodes-generator/c/wxx5an1TsEU–giftcodes-generator/c/HG46UA4PEyA–giftcodes-generator/c/_LkLX1M3NIk

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