Kevin Smith Confirms Clerks 3 Will Release In 2022

Kevin Smith Confirms Clerks 3 Will Release In 2022

Kevin Smith Confirms Clerks 3 Will Release In 2022

Kevin Smith, a filmmaker, has announced that Clerks 3 will be released in 2022. The Clerks franchise is still a favorite of Smith fans fifteen years later. Its impact on the film’s first installment in 1994 can still be felt today. Although times have changed dramatically in filmmaking and equipment available to young filmmakers, Smith’s films remain an inspiration for independent cinema.
Clerks brought a new cast of characters to the world. It also introduced Jay and Silent Bob. They were played by Smith and Jason Mewes, Smith’s real-life friend. The popularity of Clerks has increased significantly over the years, with many cameos and films made of them and figurines and video games. These films were all great, but Smith fans want more Clerks films. Smith decided to continue the film’s development in 2006. However, he was repeatedly stopped from making a third installment. Smith’s most significant setback was his 2018 heart attack. However, Smith has changed drastically in his life and is now more committed to his work.
Smith revealed the date that Clerks 3 will air. Filming has taken place this summer. Smith shared the news via his Twitter account. He referred to Clerks October 19, 1994 premiere before saying, “CLERKS III in 2022!” This announcement is the first indication that the new comedy will be coming soon.

Although it is not surprising Clerks 3 will arrive in 2022, it is still exciting to hear that the long-awaited sequel is almost here. The film promises significant changes this time. Jay and Silent Bob will be starting a business at RST Video, located next to the Quick Stop. Based on previous images and information, it seems that they have turned the VHS/video rental shop into a marijuana dispensary, which highlights New Jersey’s recent legalization.

Clerks 3 is not only about Jay and Silent Bob, but Randal, who uses Quick Stop as a location for an independent movie. Smith’s life and the plotline are very similar. The sequel follows Smith’s path to success after saving enough money to film the original Clerks at Quick Stop. Smith worked at the shop back then. This summer, his return to the shop to film Clerks 3 is a memorable experience for the 51-year old. As 2022 nears, fans hope that the new film will bring back great memories and highlight reels.

Clerks 3 is a movie-within-a-movie story. This allows Kevin Smith to copy the best moments from Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Clerks 3 was in development for some time. Smith even mentioned it during Clerks 2’s press tour. The View Askewniverse’s newest addition will be based on the original Clerks cast. Randal is saved from a heart attack, and Dante helps him create a movie about his time at Quick Stop.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno was made canon to the View Askewniverse and also hosts a movie-within-a-movie. Zack Rogen and Miri Banks play long-time friends and find themselves in debt. Miri is recognized at a high school reunion by Brandon, an adult film star. A video of Miri wearing “granny panties” and changing clothes is leaked to the internet by teenagers. Miri and Zack decide that making an adult film is the only way out of debt. The appeal of the movie lies in the characters’ attempts to make an adult film. The Star Wars-themed movie they had planned to film, “Star Whores”, in which the characters are given hilarious spoof names. They then shot the film in closed doors at Zack’s coffee shop.

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