See the art from Valve’s canceled space pirate game that’s going round the internet

Valve’s Gabe Newell, a Valve employee, mentioned Stars of Blood in 2012. He said that “we kind of had an intern project that was called Stars of Blood which was a space pirate video game, and it never saw daylight of day.” A couple of former Valve artists had previously leaked their concept art, and more was discovered later from photos taken during studio tours. Valve Archive fans created a Stars of Blood art repository, which has been there ever since.
The Obscure Game Aesthetics twitter account posted four concepts for Stars of Blood environments over the weekend. It posts screenshots and art from forgotten or old videogames. The tech demo of swarming AI was given by an ex-Valve employee who worked on Stars of Blood. It is speculated that this also might be from the canceled title. It’s since been posted to r/LeaksAndRumors, r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, r/pcgaming, r/Games, r/GamePreservationists, and r/UnreleasedGames, as well as doing the rounds of various websites, forums, and social media.

They are somewhat Moebius in their character designs (there is even one called mumbiusSM.jpg), while rumours suggested that Stars of Blood would include the Combine and be part of Half-Life. It was not known much more, but the title “Valve space pirate” is enough to make you curious. It’s yet another Half-Life project that was canceled prior to Alyx, Arkane’s spin-off Ravenholm and Prospero.—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/Xknv9Rs1C-g—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/vzM1i20UsyE—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/Gob3W34c8Z8—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/sugObyrd2qU—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/fXQA3Yx70G4—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/QwHZZERHZ8o—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/5u8oqx6l8kg—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/wikfZD191PY—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/Tcmqu1b2JDo—coins-and-diamonds-generator-2021/c/bOIeFmpXei8–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/VwLU6wjmD90–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/98j-BGxrGUo–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/Q3htTEPyvDU–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/ds6FxMLIA7g–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/tDh0GfrKP8U–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/axgDMDaCC0o–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/C044d068taE–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/WNZ-7x5Ih3I–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/fsArhY_YSy8–diamonds-generator-2021-no-verification/c/GbcltPPkRnY

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