Pokémon Unite’s Lucario Bandit Skin Is $40, Worrying Players

Pokémon Unite's Lucario Bandit Skin Is $40, Worrying Players

Pokémon Unite’s Lucario Bandit Skin Is $40, Worrying Players

The latest Pokemon Unite holloware – the game’s equivalent of character skins – is now available for Lucario at a USD 40 price. Players are expressing their concern about its high cost. Pokemon Unite’s Alolan Ninetails new Holowear was available at USD 40 in-game currency a few weeks back. That is a 2,499 holloware ticket. You can earn these tickets by playing in the online battle arena, but accumulating them takes a lot of luck and time.
Pokemon Unite was launched on the Nintendo Switch in July and then as a mobile game in September. This game is a MOBA-style game, a departure from other Pokemon games such as League of Legends or DOTA 2. The game allows players to pick their favourite Pokemon and then work together with four others. The Pokemon Unite Halloween event featured a new playable character, the squirrel Pokemon Greedent. There were also some new cosmetic holloware items.
Reddit user Aniqiee made it clear that the new Lucario Bandit holloware is the same price as the Alolan Ninetales skin. This amounts to $40 in real-world U.S currency. While many top comments were shocked by the news, few were surprised. Many players believe this could be a trend, especially since the Lucario holloware with a bandit theme is the second $40 skin to Pokemon Unite. One player suggested that players boycott expensive skins altogether, saying, “Let’s just boycott those skins, and see if [Pokemon Unite] developers learn a lesson, and either improve them or make them reasonable priced.”

Pokemon Unite is free to play, but the profits go elsewhere. Recently, microtransactions have been a hot topic in gaming. Many popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends maintain their free-to-play status while charging for additional perks. Some games may offer in-game perks in return for real money. This gives players who are willing to pay more an advantage. After its launch, Pokemon Unite was considered a pay-to-win title. This is partly due to five monetization strategies that were used instead of a price tag.

Pokemon Unite is technically free to play, and cosmetics are optional. This means that players need to be patient and work hard to earn in-game currency. The time and luck required to accumulate these costs are so high that skins (like Lucario’s bandit holloware), pricing appears to be designed to encourage players to buy them. If enough players voice their dissatisfaction, prices may start to drop.

Pokemon Unite recently announced the release of Sylveon and Blastoise. But there is one Pokemon it shouldn’t include in its roster: Mewtwo. Blastoise will join the game on September 1st, with no release dates for the second pair. While Unite fans are eager to see their favourite Pokemon in the game, and Mewtwo is a popular request, it seems that Mewtwo’s arrival would cause more problems than any other.

Mewtwo was the once most powerful Pokemon in the franchise. It’s unlikely to have any game-breaking effects if it was added to the Pokemon Unites roster. The original Pokemon Unite launch featured the legendary Zeraora. This character has caused controversy within the community due to its power and playstyle. Although each character can perform mighty feats, Zeraora has the AOE and single-target abilities that make it one of the most dangerous Pokemon in the game. The addition of another legendary Pokemon with potentially game-breaking abilities could jeopardize this Pokemon MOBA’s future.
Mewtwo has a variety of psychic abilities that can be used to enhance its character’s power. Telekinesis is one of its most potent and intimidating abilities. Slowbro, Pokemon Unite’s Defender, can stun-lock opponents midair like Mewtwo’s telekinesis. This power can cause problems when trying to balance Unite’s old and new characters. Teleportation, which Mewtwo also has, is available in other Pokemon like Ralts or Kirlia. This ability would increase the inequalities between characters who evolve and those who don’t.

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