Twenty One Pilots Covers Halo Theme Song At Live Concert

Twenty One Pilots Covers Halo Theme Song At Live Concert

Twenty One Pilots Covers Halo Theme Song At Live Concert

Twenty One Pilots, an alternative hip-hop group, performed a concert in Boston last night and included the Halo theme tune in their setlist. Since 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved, the Halo Original Soundtrack lists the Halo theme song as “Halo”.
Sometimes, the game’s quality can be as dependent on its soundtrack as its gameplay. The music of various franchises – notably The Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy, to name a few – have been performed by fans, by musicians, and even in the developer- or publisher-commissioned orchestral concerts. To celebrate the Final Fantasy VII Remake, audiences worldwide attended (and continue to attend) shows presented by the Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra World Tour – a symphonic concert devoted to performing the original Nobuo-Uematsu-composed video game soundtrack.
Despite not being familiar with Halo’s theme song, concertgoers in Boston were able to hear it thanks to Twenty One Pilots. DarthKody28 uploaded a video of the band performing “Halo”, the theme song for the first-person shooter franchise. Twenty One Pilots performed the song’s melody using an electric guitar instead of orchestral strings like the original. Twenty One Pilots’ version of the theme features the same roaring drums as the original. They are just as loud and boisterous. Although the crowd reacted with mixed emotions, Twenty One Pilots eventually transitioned into their song. DarthKody28 observed, “I was very hype.” I shed a few tearful… However, I am sure most people who went didn’t know where it came from.

Twenty One Pilots had ties to gaming before their Halo theme song cover. Roblox hosted a Twenty One Pilots special concert in September. The preshow venue featured a performance by the duo and a scavenger hunt where players had to search the entire Roblox digital universe to find unique items. Roblox also sold Twenty One Pilots digital merchandise at its in-game shop. Interactive elements were available at the concert, which changed according to the setlist.

Even Grammy-winning musicians like Twenty One Pilots will probably play Halo from time to time. The duo has a solid connection to the franchise, as evidenced by their performance. Concertgoers may soon see them performing other videogame musical themes. As of late, many well-known musicians have contributed to videogame soundtracks, including Vince Staples and Katy Perry for Pokemon 25: The Album. Perhaps a similar project with Twenty One Pilots will be done.

Halo’s music is just as important as John Williams’ score for Star Wars. 343 Industries appears to be taking this to heart with Halo Infinite. In a blog post, the developers discussed the process of creating the sound of Halo infinite. They also highlighted the importance of hopeful and honourable motifs.

Halo Infinite is currently under a lot of pressure as it’s 343’s third Halo title and its first since 2015. The team has taken plenty of time to make sure it can correct the mistakes of the previous title. They even delayed Halo Infinite’s release to avoid the Xbox Series X. Although it was difficult, the team seems to have made the right decision to meet fans’ expectations. Music has been a problem in previous entries. Marty O’Donnell, the original Halo composer, left the series to work on Destiny. Although the music in the latest games isn’t bad, it lacks some of that magic that fans have come to expect.

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