World of Warcraft is forming a player-led Community Council

Blizzard is now accepting applications for the new World of Warcraft Community Council. This council will provide a channel of communication between developers and players to a select group of players.

The Community Council was announced this week. It is a tool that helps the developer connect with people from all sides of the game, including hardcore raiding and PVP, achievement hunting and roleplaying. There are exclusive forums, both public and private, and live chats between devs and council members.

Blizzard stated in an announcement that player feedback has an impact on all aspects of the game. With so many opinions, playstyles and interests, it is even more crucial to gather and understand feedback. We’re introducing the WoW community council to further our efforts in this field. This program will provide another avenue for players to communicate with WoW developers. We aim to collect more detailed feedback from players all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and interests, on all aspects of World of Warcraft.

Blizzard is accepting applications via this form. It asks people to list the areas they are most interested in and how often they play, to provide a wide range of perspectives. The form asks you to provide 3 examples of previous contributions to the community to show your credibility. Council members will be removed after a year and invitations will be reopened to invite new voices.

Although this is a novel idea for WoW the idea of a player-led Council interfacing with developers is not new. EVE Online has invited player representatives to the Council of Stellar Management for a long time. However, as a more community-driven game CSM members have a lot of direct input on planned and in-development features and are invited to an Icelandic 5-day summit every year. Blizzard points out that WoW’s Community Council will not hear about new developments before anyone else and instead seems to be a more reactive way of monitoring community temperature.

This council is coming as WoW approaches a moment of reckoning. Activision Blizzard is facing harassment claims and there has been a mass exodus from Final Fantasy 14. The once-unstoppable MMO has been busy cleaning up problematic developer names, sexualised artworks, and references to homophobic singing. World of Warcraft must reexamine fundamental ideas about its role as a decade-old MMO. This will require closer communication with its playerbase.

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