New World’s Gold Duplication Glitch Is a Bannable Offense, Amazon Games Warns

New World's Gold Duplication Glitch Is a Bannable Offense, Amazon Games Warns

New World’s Gold Duplication Glitch Is a Bannable Offense, Amazon Games Warns

Amazon Games has warned that New World players could be banned for exploiting the game’s gold duplication glitch. After the failure of Crucible, Amazon’s first MMO was a success. It had more than 913,000 concurrent users at launch. New World’s rapid rise in popularity has also brought with it inevitable server problems. Server transfers have been a significant problem for the game’s young community.
Many New World servers were too full at the time of release. Amazon announced that players wouldn’t be able to create new characters on full servers to combat this issue. Instead, the developer advised new players to play on servers in less-populated areas, saying that they would transfer their characters to regional servers in the future. Later, Amazon retracted that statement and received backlash from players hoping they could move their characters. Amazon has allowed server transfers between servers within the same region. However, it has recently announced additional delays for New World server transfer requests. Although server transfers were finally initiated in mid-October, the developer accidentally introduced a gold duplication glitch. Some players took advantage of this exploit.
A Wccftech update on the New World forums states that players will be banned for using a gold duplication exploit intentionally. Some players would receive a notification about a “character persistence problem” that prevented them from saving further progress on another server. This New World glitch was caused by transferring servers. Some players discovered that they could trade the gold before they logged in and out, which resulted in a net increase, effectively double the New World gold transactions. The New World developer stated that all in-game transactions are recorded in an official database. The studio will ban any player who exploits the glitch.

New World glitches are nothing new, despite their relatively short life span. Some players have even found invincibility exploit, while others have found ways to auto-ban or steal from each other. Amazon Games made it clear that they will not tolerate players exploiting the gold duplicate glitch. A few hours later than the original post, a second official New World post stated that New World server transfers had been delayed while the glitch was resolved. Amazon is expected to resume server transfers once it has fixed the problem.

Despite the difficulties experienced by players, New World is still very popular. Once all the bugs are fixed, everyone will play on the servers that most suit their needs. Players who are still waiting for their New World server transfers must wait until then.

New World offers a weapon-based skill system that allows you to build and level up weapons such as swords, shields and bows. The bow can be used in both PvE or PvP. There are several solid options. To build the bow, players need to have specific skills that can be acquired with mastery points. The more they fight with each weapon, the more mastery points players earn.

The total number of points players can allocate between the two skill trees for their bow is 19: Hunter and Skirmisher. Each build can access both skill trees, with the Skirmisher tree having slightly more points for the PvP build. There are specific skills that players should acquire depending on their preference for PvE orPvP.
New World PvE requires that the bow user engage the enemy from a distance before reaching their target. Expeditions give bow players the task of attacking large mobs and avoiding annoyance. The objective of PvP is to eliminate enemies before they can reach the target. The best bow builds, regardless of which faction players choose, will be the same.

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