Darksiders 4 Possibly Teased By Official Lilith Art

Darksiders 4 Possibly Teased By Official Lilith Art

Darksiders 4 Possibly Teased By Official Lilith Art

Anton Lavrushkin’s promotional art seems to suggest that publisher THQ Nordic might have Darksiders 4 in development. Following the September release of Darksiders III on Nintendo Switch, the action RPG franchise has been back in conversation.
The original Vigil Games entry, Darksiders, was released 10 years ago. It was a brutal and violent game that hacked into millions’ hearts. The game’s premise was most appealing because it featured one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, fighting against demonic hordes in a post-apocalyptic world. In 2010, the War character was introduced to players. The Darksiders II in 2012 placed Death at the center of the story. After publisher THQ’s liquidation of the series, the series was put on hold for a while but returned when a few Vigil Games key players reunited to form Gunfire Games. Darksiders III was released in 2018, with Fury leading the charge. Darksiders Genesis followed less than a year later. It is possible that the fourth and last horsemen will take over in their own installment.

Anton Lavrushkin uploaded Darksiders promotional photos to his ArtStation page yesterday, November 1 (via Wccftech). Lavrushkin did not provide much information, but he stated the following in his description: “Promotional art commission work for THQ Scandinavia on the Darksiders franchise.” The art looks like it could have been used as marketing material for Darksiders III. However, it is worth noting that the famous demoness didn’t appear in the 2018 adventure. This could be a tease of a possible Darksiders 4? This much is still unknown. Below is the art in question:

Lilith is a well-known figure because she created Nephilim, an Angel/Demon hybrid race to which Darksiders’ four horsemen belonged. The demoness has not yet appeared in the brand’s second two installments. Lavrushkin may have shared images that are almost ten years old. It’s possible the promo art above was created for Darksiders III but never used. This may also be a clue to another title, as it is logical.

THQ Nordic may have plans for Darksiders 4. It’s not known when they will announce it. Gunfire Games seems to have spent three years working on this project.
Pride is the final of the Seven Deadly Sins of Darksiders 3. It is a significant boss fight challenge. Players will need to use all Fury’s skills to defeat the Sins near the end Darksiders 3. With a little practice and some knowledge, the pride of being too confident can be overcome.

Fury will meet Pride in the game much sooner than the boss fight. Pride confronts Fury outside of a church and tells her that she will only consider fighting for the Horseman if she has defeated all the Sins. Fury can meet Pride in Aires once she has defeated Avarice.

Like the other Sins Pride first attempts to convince Fury to join her. She extols the virtues and achievements of Pride, before hinting again to the Horseman that Fury is involved in a conspiracy that goes beyond what she can comprehend on a superficial level. She finally asks Fury for her help so they can shape the world with order.

Unsurprisingly, Fury declines Pride’s offer and the fight starts. Pride’s core attacks are slow and consist of wide swipes with her large sword and a steady charging attack that hits all around her. Fury will need to break the shield that Pride is enwrapped in by this charge attack before the Sin can be again hurt. This fight is not the most difficult in the game. Fury must be patient and strike when it’s appropriate.

The battle gets more difficult at the halfway point. Pride infects the statue’s head, then it fires off some energy balls, before settling down on the area and firing out a steady beam. This not only damages Fury but also reduces the arena’s size if players want to avoid being damaged. Pride adds a swooping attack, which Fury will need to dodge. Her charge attacks will also produce more energy balls.

Pride is less damage-sponge than other Sins like Sloth or Gluttony. This means that the fight should be over quickly, with her shield regenerating. Fury hits the final blow and sends Pride flying, destroying her mask, and also destroying the statue she made of herself. Pride will then attempt to tell Fury some truths about the apocalypse and who unleashed them in the first place.

Fury’s main mission is over, but it’s not the end. Fury will continue to face another, more powerful foe. Fury beat Pride to defeat the most difficult opponent she expected.

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