It’s heavy metal vs. demons in deckbuilder Power Chord

It’s hard not to love the battle of bands, especially when the enemy band is demons. Nobody. Power Chord is a rogue-like deck builder that allows you to assemble a group of musicians and then uses their musical prowess as a strategy to defeat enemy demons to close the Hellmouth.

Power Chord stands out to me because it isn’t trying to be Slay the Spire or Monster Train or Darkest Dungeon or many other indies that are a combination of these. It is a unique game with its own aesthetic, music and playstyle. Each of the four positions in the band: Bassist, Drummer, Guitarist, and Voicer, have their roles.

Strategy is how you use and combine each character’s card to win. You lose a character, and they are gone forever. In most games, you can upgrade your gear with a lot of gear. But in Power Chord, each character must choose the equipment they want in their slots.

I enjoyed the demo that Steam offers for free and spent some time playing it. The enemy variety was quite impressive, as well as the structure of the fights and events you faced on your way to becoming a level boss. Power Chord will be available on Steam early access in December.

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