Doctor Who Season 13 Video Dives Deep Into New Companion Dan Lewis

Doctor Who Season 13 Video Dives Deep Into New Companion Dan Lewis

Doctor Who Season 13 Video Dives Deep Into New Companion Dan Lewis

Official Doctor Who Twitter account shared a video about Dan Lewis, the companion. John Bishop, comedian and actor, plays Dan Lewis, a new character in Doctor Who’s universe. Dan made his debut in Doctor Who: Flux episode 1 “The Halloween Apocalypse.”
Episode 1 sees the compassionate, museum-loving Liverpudlian plumber being swept into the Doctor’s intergalactic adventures. He is apparently kidnapped and taken to the alien warlord Karvanista (CraigeEls). Yaz (Mandip Gil) and The Doctor (Jodie Wilkerson) rescue Dan as they prepare for the inevitable Flux cataclysm. The cast and crew provide more information about the show’s latest time traveler, Dan, as he prepares to confront the Sontarans, Weeping Angels and mysterious skeletal Swarm.

The video was posted on Doctor Who’s official Twitter account. It features Bishop, Whittaker and Gill as well as episode director Jamie Stone chatting about the “down-to-earth” character of Dan Lewis. The cast discussed Dan’s sudden entrance into the Doctor’s adventures and how he reacts with the amazing things he will witness. Bishop also spoke about his meeting with Chris Chibnall, Dan’s connection in Liverpool and how the show would portray the storyline that involves the English city. The cast then discussed Dan’s role within the dynamic of the TARDIS team. The plumber disrupted the dynamic Yaz, The Doctor had created off-screen while giving the audience a surrogate. Bishop ended the video with a discussion about The Doctor and the show’s “bond with humanity”. You can watch the entire video below.

In a teaser that followed the 2021 Doctor Who New Years Day special “Revolution of the Daleks”, Dan was briefly introduced. The character remained shrouded in mystery until Doctor Who: Flux was promoted heavily closer to its October release. After revealing details about his Liverpool talk, Bishop was briefly in trouble with the BBC. The broadcaster thought it was a spoiler. This was something that Bishop joked about later in interviews. The trailer for Doctor Who: Flux gave viewers a glimpse of Dan and a clip of him at home, which was released just before season 13.

Dan will be a fan favorite with his genuine compassion and Bishop’s charming performance. Due to the promotional images of Dan, a pan-wielding Dan, viewers have begun to speculate about his possible confrontation with Sontaran’s. Many have compared the scene to Donna Noble’s (Catherine Tate’s) confrontation in the series. Others praise the character’s humanity, despite his circumstances. Fans of Doctor Who might be able to have more adventures with Dan, as both Gill and Bishop teased a possible future beyond Whittaker and Chibnall’s departure.

The Chris Chibnall era in Doctor Who is over. This means that Doctor Who needs a female showrunner. Chibnall has been controversial since taking over from Steven Moffat as showrunner. Under Chibnall’s leadership, the past few years have witnessed groundbreaking steps, such as Doctor Who’s first female Doctor Jodie Whittaker being cast as Jodie’s Thirteenth Doctor. However, there has been a lot of head-scratching decisions like the “Timeless Child” arc.

The most disappointing thing about the Chibnall’s failure to succeed Whittaker as Whittaker’s female Doctor is, however, All of the Doctors before him, including Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor), Peter Capaldi (12th Doctor), and David Tennant (10th Doctor), were well-rounded characters. However, the Thirteenth Doctor was a bit too quirky for Chibnall, who was so involved in Classic Doctor Who’s history and lore that he neglected to pay much attention to Whittaker. Poor writing was a hallmark of Chibnall’s time, especially in the underdeveloped characters.

This run only highlights the need for Doctor Who’s female showrunner. Chris Chibnall squandered an amazing opportunity. He chose to write the first Doctor to be a woman, as a complex and contradictory character, which could have made Whittaker a great writer. This alienated long-standing audiences and fuelled the argument that a female Doctor would ruin the show. He didn’t recognize the moment and treated the Doctor’s character as secondary to the exploration of mythology he had learned from his childhood. This is not ideal, regardless of the Doctor’s identity. However, a female showrunner would have realized that the first female Doctor was more important than the show. Doctor Who’s Thirteenth Doctor was a sketch of a character. Even after two seasons, there has yet to be a character-defining moment, or give audiences an accurate sense of her identity. However, a woman would have a better and more nuanced understanding of how to create another woman, as well as how to move the show forward.

It is clear that Russell T. Davies, the previous showrunner, has been selected to return after Chibnall leaves after season 13. This makes sense. The BBC and Doctor Who executives ostensibly need a steady hand to steer the ship. However, Davies’ return to showrunner should only be temporary until the fallout of Chibnall’s semi-disastrous choices have been addressed. Doctor Who needs a female showrunner after that.

Davies and Moffat did an amazing job of relaunching Doctor Who and bringing it into a modern era. They also introduced Doctor Who to a new audience. Doctor Who must evolve beyond just a change in front of the camera. It also needs to make changes within its writers room. After Davies’ departure, the best way to achieve that is to appoint a female showrunner. Someone who not only has deep respect for the show, but also brings a fresh perspective to revive the beloved series. Although having a female Doctor is wonderful, Doctor Who will not stop evolving its story until a woman voices the female Doctor (or any Doctor).

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