Marvel Writer Says Hulu’s Helstrom Show Should Have Followed The Comics

Marvel Writer Says Hulu's Helstrom Show Should Have Followed The Comics

Marvel Writer Says Hulu’s Helstrom Show Should Have Followed The Comics

Damion Hellstrom was one of the creators of the Marvel Comics character. He believes Hulu’s Helstrom show should be more in line with the comics. Roy Thomas, a comics editor/writer, was the first successor of Stan Lee as editor in chief at Marvel Comics. Thomas, Hellstrom, and Morbius co-created Vision. Helstrom was a Hulu series that lasted only a few episodes. It featured Sydney Lemmon and Tom Austen as Ana and Damion (a more mellow version of her comics counterpart Satana Helstrom). Paul Zbyszewski, creator of 2020 Hulu, made many changes to the devilish characters.
Comics depict that Damion and Satana Hellstrom were originally created as children of Satan and Victoria Wingate. However, Satan was originally retconned to become a Marduk Kurios demon. Helstrom’s Helstrom family is a serial killer/Satan-cultist and demon worshiper. Ana and Damion retain their demonic powers, but they are not able to tell the same storylines as in the comics. Their relationship with their mother and each other is central to the plot. However, the Helstrom siblings and their mother rarely interact in comics. It is also loosely linked to the MCU.

According to ComicBook, Thomas wasn’t a fan Helstrom. He recently voiced his disapproval. Thomas was critical of the “L” in the title, and complained about how dark the show was. Helstrom was so unfaithful that he couldn’t believe anyone had ever read the comics. This was one of his more serious complaints. It was similar to his experience with Universal’s Hulk series of the late 1970s. In that era, it was assumed that intellectual property meant a great show or movie. But in reality, it was just a disappointment for fans that good IP was destroyed. Thomas goes on to explain why adaptations are too difficult to fix a bad thing. Below is his ComicBook quote

“They should have read the comic books. Someone should have read the comic books before they started the series. Thomas says that they might have made a great series from it. They could have left the extra “L.”

He recalls, “I mean, that guy who did Hulk, he just buries Hulk multiple times.” He thought, “Oh, I didn’t pay much attention to that comic book. “I went to Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde.” Gee, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby couldn’t have thought of anything like that. They must think that they are reinventing the wheel each time they do something to justify their huge salaries, I suppose.

Zbyszewski previously said that Helstrom was inspired by a particular panel of The Son of Satan, which highlighted the familial aspects of the story. Damion, in his red cape and clinging to his mother’s diary entry from his past, is seen in that panel. Thomas claims that the comics contain very little else. Thomas claims that he pitched the idea for “Son of Satan” to Stan Lee as an alternative to the horror story titled The Mark of Satan. Thomas was concerned about religious leaders backlash. The title was then written by Gary Friedrich and Herb Trimpe.

Helstrom, like other Marvel Hulu properties Runaways Cloak and Dagger and The Gifted suffered from a lack of connection with the comics. The series was also compared with The New Mutants, another Marvel horror film. Its marketing made it difficult for many to understand that it was a Marvel superhero story. It was particularly unfortunate because the characters were not well-known to casual Marvel fans. Thomas’ claim that a comic-accurate adaptation would have been better if Helstrom had tried to attract fans of the comic character is likely true. Marvel Studios may have their next chance at horror with Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. However, Marvel Studios’ disinterested in Helstrom didom the series’ chances of success well before its release. Hulu’s earlier adaptations, which featured darker heroes from Marvel Comics, won Hulu praise. However, it was too difficult to sell a series that did not have a connection with the MCU in a market flooded with shows about supernatural detectives.

Helstrom was built around two Marvel Comics antiheroes, Satana Hellstrom (and Daimon Hellstrom). They were both the children of Satana Hellstrom, the Devil’s own children. However, they were later retconned to become the children of a high ranking demon. Satana sought to ascend to the top of Hell while Daimon used his demonic powers for the protection of the innocent. Hulu made both of the siblings half-humans, transforming Satana to Ana and Daimon to protect the innocent.

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