New World Disables Wealth Transfers To Stop Gold Duplication Exploit

New World Disables Wealth Transfers To Stop Gold Duplication Exploit

New World Disables Wealth Transfers To Stop Gold Duplication Exploit

Amazon Games’ huge multiplayer online game, New World, temporarily disabled wealth transfer to stop players from using a gold duplication exploit. Although the RPG has enjoyed great success since its launch in September, there were some issues with New World’s server and serious glitches.
Mid-October saw New World players discover a gold duplication glitch. This was a side effect to server transfers. In an effort to reduce the long wait times for server transfers, an update was released that enabled server transfers. Players who attempted to transfer their characters from one server to another received an error message stating that there was a character persistence issue. This prevented them from saving or progressing. Some players were unable to transfer their gold to another player and then logged back in to get their gold back. This simple sequence of actions enabled players to double the amount of gold they had previously transferred. Amazon warned players that exploiting this glitch could lead to a permanent ban.
New World (via PC Gamer), announced that wealth transfers would be disabled due to the bug’s persistent exploitation. This applies to trading posts, sending currency, guild treasure, trading post and player-to-player trade. Amazon stated that any player who exploits this glitch will be punished. It also explained that the post will be updated once the gold duplication exploit is fully investigated.

This is not the first exploit discovered in New World since its launch. A glitch that prevents in-game characters taking damage was discovered by players. It is very easy to implement. The New World invincibility glitch requires players to simply switch to the windowed mode of the game and drag the character across the screen. Their character will not be affected if the mouse remains in the window.

New World is still very popular despite all the server problems, glitches and bugs it has encountered. It is not clear when Amazon will provide updates to players about this matter, or how long it will take to investigate the exploit. New World players will need to wait until wealth transfer is available. This is not the first game to be exploited, but it’s expected that it will be.

New World’s main campaign includes many world quests and tasks that players can complete. One of these is the “Dryad’s Trial of Penance,” which is the third part of a larger questline. It is crucial to understand how to defeat “Dryad’s Trial of Penance” as it is the final part of the questline.

Players will see their characters reach higher levels as they progress through New World. They can upgrade their character’s attributes and find and combine new weapons, armor, and complete additional quests. Certain quests can only be completed by certain levels. The quest “Burden Of Atonement” fits this description perfectly. This quest contains the task “Dryad’s Trial of Penance”.

After reaching level 59, players can take the quest “Excising The Blighted Root.” This quest requires that players hunt down Blight monsters to stop the spread of Blight. Once they have completed “Excising The Blighted Root”, players will be able to interact with Madilon Langlais, a NPC in Reekwater Settlement, and unlock the level 60 quest “Burden Of Atonement.”
Complete the Dryad’s Penance Trial In New World

The “Burden of atonement” includes three distinct tasks. First, travel to Fisher’s Glory, make an offering at Dryad’s altar and then place the Dryad’s offering upon the Mysterious Altar. Then, complete the “Dryad’s trial of penance.” These two steps are only a precursor to the Trial at end of quest. A strategy is important because “Dryad’s Trial of Penance” will require players to fight mobs of enemy soldiers.

After the Dryad’s offer is made, several Earthward Elders and Earthward Sunderers appear around the Mysterious Altar. To complete the “Dryad’s Trial of Penance,” players must defeat these enemies. It is a good idea to stay away from the Earthward enemies and use ranged weapons and attacks to take them out.

The Swamp Dryad Creeper tentacle will appear next and attack the player. It is best to attack the tentacle from behind using ranged abilities. It is easier to dodge the Creeper’s ranged attack from a safe distance. An Earthward Stalker will attack the player after the Swamp Dryad Creeper has been defeated. To defeat the last enemy, players should keep the stalker out of the Mysterious Altar.

If players are far from the center, the last enemy, Sufferance the Elders can be hit immediately with a barrage ranged attack. The last enemy will be able to be dodged with charge and ranged attacks. They can then continue hitting the area with ranged attacks. The “Dryad’s Trial of Penance” ends when the Sufferance of Elders is defeated. New World players have the option to fast travel to Madilon Langlais or walk to Madilon Langlais, Reekwater, to claim their reward. This usually includes the Journeyman’s Treads arm piece, 3,750XP and 157.50 Coin.

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