The next SteamWorld game is 3D, co-op, and called Headhunter

A financial report from May revealed that there were “several new SteamWorld video games” in development. Here’s a look at one of these. SteamWorld Headhunter is a third-person, co-op adventure that’s “stylized and colourful with a head-popping twist”. According to the teaser trailer, which shows a wild west shootout among two robots, the head-popping appears to be literal.

The SteamWorld series is not settling on a single genre. Developer Image & Form, now merged with Thunderful Games, has jumped from tower defence to 2D Metroidvania and turn-based tactics across all the SteamWorld games.

Brjann Sigurgeirsson, studio head, said that robot setting “opens up all sorts of possibilities.” In our 2017 profile. It may seem like you would be restricted by creating your world, characters gallery, or setting, but the opposite is true. You can experiment with all parameters. You don’t need to worry or think about how your world and characters work. People who are familiar with your idea can be surprised at the many other ideas you have.

Steamworld Dig 2 is now available on Steam and GOG as a celebration of the reveal. But hurry!–coins-generator-2022–coins-generator-2022/c/qNLB13iUe5M–coins-generator-2022/c/0ol8UQqmFMc–coins-generator-2022/c/nucOHJ6KZIA–coins-generator-2022/c/Oe9__7OuKnI–coins-generator-2022/c/ffAF4micgp0–coins-generator-2022/c/R6PMRXljNEs–coins-generator-2022/c/2Wt_hO9q5e4–coins-generator-2022/c/_Z-fcCUaKPw–coins-generator-2022/c/M-yRmc53idI–coins-generator-2022/c/J6xJOV3Z_Rw

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