Deep Rock Galactic’s Season 1 marks an important shift in the way Ghost Ship Games manages co-op shooters’ post-launch updates. Rival incursion aims to create content that is more themed and richer with story than previous updates. It also introduces what’s basically the first battle pass.

Deep Rock Galactic’s Season 1 offers new rewards to players who brave the dangerous caves. It also introduces a new mission type and weapons. Below are details about the major features, as well as information about the start and end dates as well as how long you have to get all the cosmetic goodies.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 1 Rival incursion Start and End Dates

Deep Rock Galactic Season 1 Rival Incursion is set for Thursday, November 4. It will go live as the Halloween event ends. All owners of the game will then have access to the new features.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 1 has yet to be concluded, but Ghost Ship Games, the developer of the game, said that the season will last 4 to 5 months. We estimate it will end sometime between March 24, 2022, and April 24, 2022. This is based on the power of the great calendar. We will update this article when we have more information.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 1 Rival incursion Content

This batch of Deep Rock Galactic was originally meant to be released under the Update 35 title, before it became Season 1 and received the name Rival Incursion. It has been in development since early 2020 and expands the game’s content with a substantial amount of content, including the shooter’s first battle pass.

Performance Pass

Deep Rock Galactic’s Performance Pass has 100 levels. It rewards players with crafting materials, cosmetic items or new Company Scrip tokens. These tokens allow players to select individual unlocks from the cosmetic tree. What rewards can you expect?


    • 25 hairstyles, hats and beards


    • 10 painting jobs


    • 6 Pickaxe parts


    • 3 winning moves


    • 1 Bosco Framework


  • 20 weapon frames

Earning performance points, season challenges and playing missions can help you advance. You can also collect Data Cores by hacking into rival data deposits or destroying rival prospector drones to earn Data Cores. While each player will have a different time to unlock the 100 levels, the developer aims to make it take approximately one hour.

“We designed the Cosmetic Tree, the rewards and assumed that most players would only complete a small fraction of the tasks. However, they should still receive some value. The developer stated that it is not intended that all players complete the Performance pass ,”. Even better, Season 1’s rewards can still be obtained even after the game ends. You can get them via Lost Crates or Matrix Cores or any other method.

The new Season Terminal is located near the shop and allows you to view your progress. A countdown timer will be displayed at the terminal close to Season 1’s expiration date. This allows you to see how many rewards you still have to unlock.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 1: Theme and New Mission Type

Rival Incursion centers around a corporation made up of evil robots that has set up shop on Hoxxes IV to extract its riches. You’re already doing this, so it’s your responsibility to destroy their operation. This is the purpose of the new mission type, Industrial Sabotage.

You must locate and destroy the Data Vault of the other corporation, then escape with their Data Rack. You will need to destroy two power stations in order to close the vault. These can be found by following the cables that lead out from the vault. Hacking power stations can be a noisy affair so you will have to deal with waves upon waves of enemies.

After you’ve taken down the shield, you must destroy The Caretaker who guards the Data Vault. After defeating this pyramid-shaped foe you will be able to extract the data rack. Access to Industrial Sabotage is possible by completing the Spec Ops: Sabotage training assignment on the Assignment Board. This assignment is open to all players who have completed Conquer Hoxxes.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 1 Weapons & Equipment

Each of the four classes of Deep Rock Galactic receives the Hacking Device, which allows them to hack enemy patrolbots and force them to change sides. Each class will also receive a new weapon with an upgrade tree, overclocks and frameworks.

The Hurricane micro missile launcher is given to the Gunner. It fires small, but deadly, remote-controlled rockets. The Drak-25 Plasma Carbine can be equipped by the Scout, and it doesn’t need to be reloaded. Meanwhile, the Engineer will receive the Lok-1 Smart Rifle that locks on to enemy targets. The Corrosive Sludge Pump allows you to cover your enemies with corrosive goo, and watch them melt in front of you.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 1 Enemies

Your rival corporation is serious and brings seven deadly robots to guard Hoxxes IV’s underground caves.


    • Patrol Bot – A defensive robot that fires plasma projectiles


    • Shredders – Small flying robots that fight together


    • Caretaker – The boss fight in the new Industrial Sabotage mission. You will need to have big guns and some skill.


    • Burst Turret Protects Power Stations and lowers its otherwise impassible barrier when it is needed to attack enemies


    • Sniper Turret: Also used to protect Power Stations and fire powerful laser shots at enemy targets


    • Repulsion Turret: Emits a barrage Plasma Force Fields that apply extreme force to everything it touches


  • Prospector drone – This drone is used for research but can also be used to call for assistance when an attack occurs.

These are the details you need to know about the season’s start and finish dates, as well as the main features of Deep Rock Galactic’s Season 1. Rival Incursion, which will be launched in April, will offer more loadouts, a variety fixes and come with the Rival Tech Pack DLC, a premium cosmetic Rival Tech Pack.

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