Battlefield 2042 players are joining XP farming servers only to discover that they’re the crops

Battlefield Portal allows you to create, host, and discover custom Battlefield 2042 game modes. You can create silly things like 1v64 and knives-only modes or more complex deathmatch variants or classic Battlefield throwbacks. Or you can do what everyone else is doing, which is to make XP farming mode.

It is frustrating to see an excellent custom server tool dominated primarily by bot matches for grinding XP. However, while investigating the issue, it became clear that a beautiful thing was happening. Players join XP farming servers to gain attachment unlocks but instead discover that they are the ones being farmed.

XP farming servers often have a small team of humans fighting a large team of bots cursed to spawn with a sliver each. Below is a gif showing me spawn camping bots after a PvE Rush match. Although it’s quite a sight, these AI guys are at least armed. The bot team is not allowed to own guns in most XP farming servers.

After the PvE massacre, I started joining servers specifically labeled “XP farming” servers to see how much XP players get from it. DICE had tweeted that it had “deployed a modification to Battlefield Portal that affects the effectiveness of XP farming servers,” so it is not a considerable amount. It’s not clear, but I don’t know, as I’m the one who is always farmed.

These farming servers allow players to continue joining the team even after it is complete. This means that most players are on the big bot team. They’re weaponless fodder to the XP farmers who, I’m sure, love having human targets join the AI horde.

It’s funny that not everyone leaves when they discover that only a few players are XP farming, and that’s not true for all of them. I have seen players slash at their tormentors with knives countless times. There must have been a rumor that typing “/switch//swapteam” into Chat will put you on the opposite team. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. I’ve seen players string together and type “/gun,” hoping that it will give them a gun. It doesn’t.

Gamers are like fish that press their lips against the sides to absorb algae. But they’re there for XP. Gamers love XP and attach their faces to a model that allows them to vacuum it into their tubular stomachs easily. This behavior seems to be the root of Portal’s current mess: Portal’s few XP farmers seem to have reached the Portal XP cap quickly, while XP farmers are beating everyone else. This is the way XP suckers use to get XP. I don’t think it’s a better method than playing Battlefield 2042’s Normal Conquest mode. It’s also a little funny.

Some players feel disappointed at the lack of global voice chat and a traditional scoreboard in enormous Battlefield 2042 news. While I miss the old scoreboard, I will give DICE’s efforts to encourage teamwork a fair chance as I work on our review. There are also complaints about assault rifles being inaccurate at range. However, it struck me that this was a way to differentiate ARs from LMGs or marksman rifles. These rifles often feel like novelty items compared to an all-purpose assault weapon. This is something I can chew on while unlocking attachments (by simply playing regular).

DICE’s other decisions are getting a lot of attention on the subreddit. However, the response has been commensurate with any Battlefield launch. I will continue to evaluate the situation at my own pace before I do a final review.

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