The follow-up to horror adventure Maid of Sker is a co-op shooter, for some reason

Maid Of Sker sounds very British and horror-themed. It was set in 1898 and told of a family driven by slavery, torture, piracy, and supernatural mysteries. The story is based on Welsh folklore and takes place in Sker House, a historical building in Wales. It’s pretty good. It has a Metacritic aggregate score of 69/100 and a “very favorable” user review rating at Steam.

Wales Interactive today announced Sker Ritual, a sequel to their previous success. It’s not a horror FPS, but it is a co-op survival FPS. Flashes of the new game in the all-too-brief teaser appear similar to Maid of Sker–a dark forest outside a burning cabin, a turn-of-the-20th-century parlor–but the guns and plentiful enemies look more like something lifted from Painkiller. It supports solo play as well as co-op action for four players.

The Steam page has very little to say. “Survive the supernatural attack of the Quiet Ones” seems like the only thing that’s left. However, it does seem odd for a follow-up. While off-genre spinoffs of established games series like Resident Evil: Verse are one thing, Maid of Sker, at this point, is a unique one. Why make it different if it was successful enough to justify another game?

I reached out to Wales Interactive (hey, I am curious about these things). I will update this post if I get a response. Sker Ritual will be available sometime during the second quarter of 2022, from April 1 through June 30, 2022. Take a look at the screens below.

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