New World’s update 1.0.5 is live today. Its patch notes contains new restrictions to combat currency sellers, fixes to item and gold duplication exploits, as well as a new set bug fixes to make the MMO more enjoyable.

Update 1.0.5 will become live. This update will restrict player-to-player currency transfer and trading between New World characters. New characters won’t be able use the trading platform until they have completed the introductory quest in the first settlement.

New World’s Update 1.0.5 reduces the cost of attribute respec by a substantial 60%, and the cost for weapon mastery respec Azoth by 75%. While PvP and PE players will no longer be allowed to heal one another, repair kits shouldn’t take money from your coin wallet. The patch notes as shared by the game developer can be found below.


Coin Sellers

We are aware that many players have been sending unsolicited chat messages. We continue to investigate this problem. Many coin sellers were creating new characters, and transferring money between accounts. We have:

    • Many of the accounts that were reported were banned and suspended. We appreciate your reporting players who spam chat.
    • Additional restrictions are in place to stop player-to-player currency transfers and currency trading from characters below level 10 or with accounts less than 72 hours. Once you reach level 10, you will be able to trade or transfer currency by logging in after 72 hours.
    • Redistributed the coin value from early quests to later on the Main Story questline. The total amount of coin earned remains the same. Quests are delivered slightly later.
  • Trading Post usage is restricted until all characters have completed the quest “Introduction to Trading Post” in their first settlement.

We will continue to monitor the effects of this on bots and game health and adjust accordingly.


    • Fixed bug that allowed players to duplicate items using storage sheds or crafting stations.
  • We solved the problem of gold duplicates on territory projects by disabling trading. If we had to disable trading again, we would make sure that it does not happen again.


    • Life Staff: Orb of Protection
      • The small area of effects (AoEs) that were triggering upon passthrough from any hit of the base Orb of protection have been removed.
      • AoE does not trigger upon passthrough to the Aegis upgrade. It will now only trigger on impact on an enemy/object.
    • Attribute respec coin costs reduced by 60%
    • A 75% reduction in the cost of weapon mastery respec Azoth.
    • Based on the tier, chisels have a reduced coin cost of 20-50%
    • We have slightly decreased the Azoth and Coin rewards for the losing team to encourage competition in Outpost Rush.
    • As you can still get War conflict for your Faction, we have added the War conflict progress bars to the map and the Faction Board.
    • The player cannot have the same weapon type in each weapon slot. To increase combat diversity, we want each weapon slot have a different type of weapon. This also addresses potential issues when switching between weapons of the same types.
    • Group Scaling Passives: Corrected issues that could have caused passive effects that scaled on proximity to foes such as Bloodlust, Great Axe, Against All Odds and Outnumbered (Warhammer), which can be applied incorrectly.
    • Spell Strike Consistency was fixed issues that caused many magic spells (such as Ice Storm or Gravity Well) to not work consistently.
    • Resilient (Item Perk: This perk was able to reduce damage from all hits and not just critical hits.
  • PVP Flagging: This issue was fixed so that PVP and PE players could heal one another.

Outpost Rush

    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from leaving the Fort at the start of the match.
    • Multiple players cannot interact with the Altar in Outpost Rush now that we have done this. This will stop players from receiving multiple summon tokens for 500 azoth.
    • Fixed an issue that caused summoned allies’ nameplates to sometimes appear hostile
    • An issue caused Battle Bread (the Outpost Rush food buff) to work twice as well as it was intended.
    • Updated the tooltip for Battle Bread and Monster Slayer’s Stew to better describe the buffs they offer
  • Fixed an issue that could have caused players to get stuck in a loop when they teleported from Outpost Rush using /unstuck.

General Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented some people joining Outpost Rush due to a pending invite from a group.
    • To use repair kits, you don’t need to have Coin.
    • Fixed an issue where players could accidentally use the wrong consumable when they used consumables from their inventory screen.
    • Fixed several issues with Invasion status being displayed before the Invasion was officially declared.
    • Pop up with updated English text explaining the housing tax compensation.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed magic weapons to animation cancel primary attacks with weapon swap and targeting spells. This caused rate of fire to increase faster than expected.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Ice Gauntlet upgrade Pylon Dodge not to work immediately after placing the Ice Pylon.
    • Fixed an issue that could have caused a player’s house to be lost while they were offline for maintenance. We will reimburse players who experienced this issue in a future update. The update notes will contain all details regarding the reimbursement.
    • Fixed an issue where enemy AI duplicated and stacked spawns during “Shivering Timbers” quest.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players who were in the tutorial to initiate a transfer to a server.
    • Corrected an issue that caused the Trading Post not to respond or delay.
    • Server performance is improved when large numbers of players gather in settlements.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some territory influence from being properly recognized by many players who participated in PvP missions simultaneously.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some player titles not to display as expected.
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck when fishing with lag.
    • Fixed the UI notification to land in a hot spot when fishing.
    • Fix for a problem in localization where bonus crafting percentages were displayed as 0% for languages other than English.
    • To properly account for the CEST-CET change, we have adjusted the time in Europe.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented gear score from increasing beyond 589 in drop rewards.

Speculative Fixes

These are only suggestions and not permanent fixes. We want to make these changes and then see if any issues remain so that we can continue working on them and update as necessary.

  • We have implemented a change to help us investigate the “timed-out while waiting for server description world” issue. Also, we have added a fix that will reduce the occurrences of this problem while we continue our investigation.

New World has been released on PC. Our guides on ironore locations and map sizes and status are helpful, regardless of whether you’re just starting to explore Aeternum, or have experienced many wars.

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