Clash Royale will be down for maintenance today

Clash Royale will be down for maintenance today

Clash Royale will be down for maintenance today

UPDATE — November 4, 2021: Although Maintenance has been completed, players are still receiving the migration bug fix. You will be notified in-game if you are uncertain if you will be affected by these changes.

Clash Royale will be on a maintenance break today, November 4th 2021. They will be down up to an hour while they fix some issues with an Experience Point boost.

What is this Clash Royale downtime?

This downtime is being used to fix a migration bug that was introduced during the last update.

Some players received a level boost due to changes in the point system. Some players were given too many Star Points and Experience Points. This led to accelerated promotions.

You will notice that your points will be removed again if you were affected by the bug. This will allow you to level up at the level you deserve. You might also be downgraded to lower levels. You can still keep any Champions that you received during the error, but they will be removed from your inventory until you reach KL 14.

What time will Clash Royale be down for?

Although Supercell has not yet confirmed the time of this patch, it is expected to be shorter than an hour.

Other Clash Royale patch note options

Balance changes will also take place for the Archer Queen Champion and Skeleton King Champion. After players complained that the Archer queen was too powerful compared to other Champions, and the Skeleton king needed an increase, this change is being made.

You can find the complete details and all the other patch notes on Clash Royale’s blog.

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