Elden Ring was a hugely popular announcement at E3 2019. This prompted a seemingly endless stream questions about its release date, and what kind of game it would be. The release of a new FromSoftware title is always a big deal in the ever-growing soulslike community. Despite their difficulty, these games have gained widespread appeal over the years.

This developer has shown time and again that it can create amazing fantasy worlds and ruthless adversaries. Stories that, while cryptic and dependent on the environment to be told, are frequently discussed long after release. We have gathered all we know about Elden Ring including its release date, gameplay and story.

Elden Ring Release Date

For Elden Ring’s most loyal fans, it was a long wait. The first details were shared in June 2021. It was then that it would launch on January 21st 2022.

Elden Ring was launched in October 2021 but it was delayed to February 25, 2022. This is when the game will be available worldwide.

Elden Ring Story

As usual FromSoftware, Elden Ring’s story is cryptic before launch. We know that the Elden Ring gravitates around the nameless item, which was destroyed by someone. It is mentioned that the Golden Order was “broken at its core” and that players were forced to step into the shoes the Tarnished, in order to find the Elden Ring. This will allow them to work towards becoming Elden Lords.

Although Fire is mentioned as a symbol in the story, it’s too early to know how important it is. George R. R. Martin was responsible for worldbuilding and helping to create the title’s setting, called the Lands Between. 

Elden Ring Gameplay

Elden Ring is still an action-RPG. It shares some similarities with Dark Souls (including the brutal difficulty), but it also has its own unique gameplay. As they fight all kinds of monstrous enemies, players can customize the appearance of their characters and choose the gear they wear.

You can also travel the world on horseback and battle your opponents. The game’s open-world world has multi-level dungeons. These can take the form of impressive castles, caves or catacombs. You can also use the map to navigate between the Lands Between.

Elden Ring, like Dark Souls will allow you to choose whether to focus more on melee skills or a more magic-driven playstyle. You can also summon spirits to assist you in battle, which is possible thanks to the AI.

You can invite other players to join your game and help you defeat bosses, or invade you for some PvP action. Expect to meet mysterious characters as well as battle large bosses. Sites of Grace, which are scattered around the globe, allow you to rest between battles.

Elden Ring also has a crafting component. This allows you to prepare for fights without needing to return to a vendor.

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