Grand Theft Auto Trilogy back on PC after Rockstar removes ‘unintentionally included’ files

Rockstar released the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy last week, a remastered bundle that includes three of the most iconic games ever made. The Rockstar Games Launcher crashed almost immediately after the launcher was launched and the games were removed from sale. Although the launcher was able to reactivate late Friday, the Trilogy was not available.

This was something we reported last week. Dataminers suggested that the Trilogy’s real problem was the presence unlicensed music tracks as well as comments from in-code developers. PC Gamer can’t independently confirm that Hot Coffee files are in the Trilogy.

Rockstar’s official accounts confirmed that the Trilogy was not available for purchase or play as we have removed files from these versions. It is now back in stock, possibly without the offensive material.

Rockstar, a publisher with a long-standing reputation for quality and high production values, is now embarrassed by this. Rockstar’s flagship games, which are the ones that made it what they are, were sent in such a poor state it suggests a lack of oversight.

The fun doesn’t stop there. It is possible that shipping the game to someone else with multiple files could pose a legal problem. Richard Hoeg, a Hoeg Law business lawyer, tells us that “in short yes I believe they could get into trouble even if access was limited.” They (presumably) don’t have the rights to distribute these songs. The fact that they would have to do significant things to get them operating might be a defense to a full legal case, but we really are talking about content owners getting upset before anyone goes into court. In that case, I believe the publisher should be worried.

This means that, while this won’t be resolved in court (on the music front at least), Rockstar might have to make amends behind closed doors.

GTA Trilogy’s launch seems like it will be in the news for quite some time. These files are just one of many problems. Some are calling the port quality a disaster. Features like rain have bizarre implementations that can make the games less playable. Although the Trilogy is back in stock, it will take some time before it can be considered worthy to be able to be compared to the original games.

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