Lightyear Image: New Look At Chris Evans’ Buzz In Classic Space Suit

Lightyear Image: New Look At Chris Evans' Buzz In Classic Space Suit

Lightyear Image: New Look At Chris Evans’ Buzz In Classic Space Suit

Today was Disney’s second annual Disney+ Day. The streaming platform showed off a new look at Buzz in the Pixar film Lightyear. This was in addition to all the other big announcements. Since the first trailer for Lightyear was released, there has been a lot of excitement. It became Pixar’s second most-viewed trailer online in just 24 hours, beating only The Amazing 2. After the release of Finding Dory in 2016, development began on the movie. The studios announced the spinoff in December 2020 at Disney’s Investor Meeting.

Lightyear will allow viewers to see the origins of Buzz Lightyear. However, they won’t be able to see the toy. The Toy Story universe features Buzz (Tim Allen), a toy based on a well-known space pilot. This movie will show the story of how that person came to be so famous in-universe. The plot details have not been revealed. Disney has confirmed that Buzz will be voiced in part by Chris Evans.

A new banner was revealed during the Disney+ Day announcements. It showed a new look to the iconic Buzz Lightyear suit. You can see it on Disney+. Although Lightyear was not announced, fans were surprised to see a new image of the iconic character. This is the only official image released to date, aside from the trailer for Lightyear. Below is the image:

Buzz’s new suit will be a hit with both long-time fans and those looking forward to the film. The suit features all the iconic enhancements Buzz Lightyear had in the Toy Story movies. He is wearing his iconic purple headgear, which he does not wear in the Disney+ banner, and his jet boots, laser, and wings. Pixar cares about the suit’s appearance and feel. However, they also give it the sci-fi action movie feel that Lightyear seems to want. The movie will look at the origins and history of Buzz’s suit. This will provide more information about the legendary space ranger.

Although there is not much marketing yet for the movie, it is great to see it in the spotlight at Disney+ Day. Although the Toy Story movie franchise seemed to have ended with the 2019 release of Toy Story4, Pixar stated that they are open to the possibility of another. As the Lightyear draws closer, people who wanted more content from the Toy Story universe have now got what they want.

If Pixar had chosen to make the Toy Story spinoff Woody’s Roundup, any confusion about Lightyear’s premise would have been avoided. Andy abandoned his cowboy friend, the wild west companion, in 1995’s Toy Story. This is how Pixar sees Buzz in 2021. Pixar’s Toy Story films have been a success. Now, Pixar has taken its trademark property in a completely new direction with Lightyear. Chris Evans stars as the chubby Space Ranger.

Pixar has a tradition of keeping its movie concepts simple, but lightyear bucks this trend. Chris Evans described his Pixar debut initially as “the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the toy that is based upon.” Many thought this meant that Buzz was an actual astronaut (within Toy Story), but the trailer for Lightyear proves otherwise. The appearance of aliens, Emperor Zurg, and futuristic space tech show that Lightyear draws from Buzz’s in-universe Toy Story mythology. Angus MacLane, Lightyear director, summarizes the premise by asking, “What was the Buzz Lightyear movie Andy seen before he asked for the action figure?” A Pixar movie should not be so difficult to understand.

If Pixar had looked beyond Buzz Lightyear’s flashing lights and whirring sounds, they would have seen a one-armed, dusty cowboy who was perfect for the spinoff treatment. Toy Story 2 revealed that Woody was once the star in “Woody’s Roundup,” a classic weekly western featuring Jessie, Bullseye, and, of course, Stinky Pete. In Toy Story, every episode featured Woody saving the day. Andy’s doll was also part of the tie-in merchandise line. Lightyear is Buzz’s version of “Woody’s Roundup,” however, Toy Story 2 already introduced “Woody’s Roundup” as an episode-within-a movie, making it simpler to understand the relationship. A Woody’s Roundup animated western would have been the best choice if Pixar wanted to create a new genre that starred beloved Toy Story characters.

Lightyear’s concept ambiguity makes Pixar’s unwillingness to give up Toy Story even more evident. Lightyear is a captivating sci-fi universe that’s beautifully animated in predictable stunning style. The visual intrigue is reminiscent of WALLE. If the connection to Toy Story was removed, this could be animation’s answer to Star Wars. Lightyear could have starred an entirely new hero without any franchise baggage. He’d be able to lead Pixar into sci-fi and perhaps instigate a new franchise. The muddled link with Toy Story arguably hinders this.

Watching Buzz make his gritty solo movie shows that Woody has flashbacks back to “the shelf.” All is not lost for everyone’s favorite toy cowboy. No matter how The public receives lightyear, Pixar has plenty of room on the big screen and online. With more interesting Toy Story ideas, it’s only a matter of time before Woody’s Roundup becomes a feature-length movie (but without confusion) or a Disney+ series. Woody’s Roundup relationship will be easier to understand and more convincing if Disney does so. There’s also a great theme song in the works.

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