New Nvidia driver for Battlefield 2042 available now, doesn’t seem to do a lot

Battlefield 2042 was launched Friday to pre-purchasers in a special edition. Today, Nvidia released a GeForce Game Ready driver which is supposed to align the GeForce’s GPUs with DICE’s 128 player FPS. Although we aren’t seeing any difference in BF2042 framerates, Nvidia’s performance-enhancing DLSS option continues its mild effect. Nvidia claims that it isn’t rendering “2x faster”, but this is not the case.
Prior to the driver update, my average framerates were in the 80s and the 90s with an Intel Core i5-9600K paired with a GeForce RTX2070 Super. This is at 1440p with the’medium” graphics preset. There are other tweaks, such as turning off all post-processing and setting Nvidia’s performance boosting DLSS option to ‘balanced. My average frame rate hovers between 70s and 80s when DLSS is off. Although the feature does help, it is not as dramatic as Control’s framerate improvements. Sometimes I get drops to 50s or worse, stutters.

A possible reason why players may be experiencing a slowdown in frame rate is Battlefield 2042. This game requires a high-end CPU. The minimum specs on Steam require an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 or Core i5-6600K. My Core i5-9600K, which is slightly faster, is almost at 100% usage most of the times. Morgan Park, a staff writer, whose Ryzen 5 2600 is a tier lower than the recommendation, is also not getting much help via DLSS.

My 80 fps on a RTX 2070Super is fine. However, a lot of Reddit posts over the past few days show that Battlefield 2042 is not performing as expected for many players. While Battlefield 2042 is not a perfect game and looks great even at medium settings, the message is clear: Anyone with a fancy GPU expects to be able take full advantage of the 144Hz+ displays when playing new games with the settings up. BF2042 is not delivering this.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing Battlefield 20,42, but a GeForce card is worth the effort to download Nvidia’s latest drivers. You can also read about the new upscaling feature in the update.–gold-generator-working-2022–gold-generator-working-2022/c/oelOYZ_WLng–gold-generator-working-2022/c/Q_tgOlqzEuk–gold-generator/c/ZVcLuKbCz5w–gold-generator/c/3ynJga1VDBI–crystals-hack-online-generator–crystals-2022

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