Xbox boss Phil Spencer is a bit worried about ‘exploitative’ NFTs

In October of last year, it was believed that the future of gaming would be the Slayer character from Doom appearing in Smash Bros. But we were denied that possibility. The business leaders in the gaming industry have offered a new vision as they try to salvage the pieces. NFTs, and the blockchain.
However, not everyone in our industry’s C-suites is embracing the new flesh yet. According to Axios’s reporting, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head for gaming, expressed concern over the potential for them to be “exploitive.”

“What I would say today on NFT is that there’s a lot of speculation and experimentation going on and that some creative I see today feels more exploitive than about entertainment.”

Spencer clarified his statement and softened the negative tone. This indicates that Spencer is open to blockchain integration in games.

“I don’t believe every NFT game must be exploitive. It’s a journey that people are on, and I think we’re just kind of there.”

The quest to find NFTs could clash with the larger voyage we are on Spaceship Earth, where someone is constantly changing the thermostat.

These executive-level statements are not intended to be a detailed plan for the industry. They serve more as steps in the complex courtship dance between investors and companies. No one seems to be able to give a convincing description of how this technology will improve video games in any way, regardless of whether they project the impression that they are all-in on NFT gaming to capitalize on the hype surrounding these buzzwords.

NFT games are being referred to as the “vision of tomorrow” right now. However, they could easily be replaced by 3D TVs, Steam Machines or the original wave of VR in the 1990s. All those visions of futurity were never meant to come true.

For you and me, history will continue to blow without our input. While we can voice our opinions and vote with the money, these things will continue to unfold as they are. However, I must say that I have a $64,000 png image of a cartoon monkey for sale if you believe NFT games will revolutionize our industry in the next ten years.

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