League of Legends Fighter Project L Gets First Deep Dive Gameplay

League of Legends Fighter Project L Gets First Deep Dive Gameplay

League of Legends Fighter Project L Gets First Deep Dive Gameplay

Project Riot’s League of Legends fighting video, Project, was its first appearance since the game was revealed almost two years ago. The studio gave a detailed look into the Project L champions and their development strategies in just six minutes.

Tony Cannon, Technical Lead, and Tom Cannon, Executive Producer of ProjectL say that the game has seen significant changes over time. However, extensive R&D is rapidly shaping project L up and landing them in a more concrete direction. Many champions that you might already know, such as Jinx, Ahri, and Darrius, are featured in the reintroduction video. Tony and Tom want you to see Project L’s likenesses. Champions kits should be familiar while serving what players would expect from 2D fighters.

Riot wants to attract the best fighters in the fight scene while also engaging all those who aren’t trying to make it to Evo’s mainstage–that’s another way to say me. Their core principle is the “easy-to-learn, hard-to-master” mentality.

This is illustrated by their preview of Ekko. His time-bending mechanics are derived from Summoner’s Rift and return in Project. Ekko can create an after-image that he can rewind to his liking, allowing him to ‘phase in’ and out to confuse his opponents. This is all to say that Ekko looks just as slippery in League of Legends as in League of Legends. It’s quite cool to see him remain so loyal to Ekko.

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Tony and Tom acknowledged the conversations that fighting game enthusiasts have about net code. They also noted how important infrastructure is now that it’s more difficult to get together for in-person events. Tom explained that Project L was a project in which Tom designed the entire network stack to provide the same responsive gameplay as offline.

Project L’s Netcode will be built from existing systems at Riots like RiotDirect which is used to reduce ping in League of Legends or Valiant. Riot doesn’t believe that someone should be lagging in their experience. Players who ragequit will be penalized by the system and declared the winner.

Although it seems like Project is actually in development, it’s still under R&D and not yet available to the public. Riot promises that they will update the blog with at least two updates next year. One of these is scheduled for the second half of 2022. That would be summer…ish.

Although I am terrible at fighting games, I enjoy the spectacle and making my friends crazy with button mashing. Riot’s fighter was not something I had in mind for Runeterra, but it’s still cool to see a game that converts MOBA kits into a 1v1 match. Riot, add Soraka or Kog’maw and I promise to give it a try.


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