The mod restoring Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’s singleplayer is out now

The retail release of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in 2003 was canceled. However, its multiplayer mode was free. Activision and id stated at the time that “despite a strong effort by talented developers, the single-player portion of the game didn’t progress as expected.” Enemy Territory was a pivotal multiplayer shooter and is still influencing the genre today. Players have wondered for years: What would a single-player campaign look like?

William Faure, modder, has the answer. He created a mod that connects Enemy Territory’s maps to create a story-driven campaign. The trailer is above and features Fur Elise in a metal version, as well as a lot of Nazi-shooting action. The mod is currently being tested and will be available in co-op on November 30.

You will need Return to Castle Wolfenstein and one of its overhaul mods, iortcw or RealRTCW, RTCW4A, or RTCW4A. ModDB and Steam Workshop have the Enemy Territory singleplayer mode.

Here’s Wolfenstein’s history if you want to learn more about the evolution of this fundamental FPS series over the years.

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